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Neer Dosai

- recipe by raji ramakrishnan submitted on 03-06-2012
(Rice Crepes)
Plain rice - 1 cup
Beaten rice (Poha, Aval) - 2 tsp
Oil - for making dosa
1. Soak the rice and poha together after washing properly for one hour.  
2. Grind to a smooth paste.  The consistency should be watery.
3. Heat a non stick tava,  apply some oil on tava and wipe it with a cloth.  
4. Pour one laddle of dosa atta (batter) in the middle of the tava. It will spread to some extend on its own. Slightly twist the tava. 
5. Pour one teaspoon oil.  Cover and cook for two minutes. It will start leaving the sides of the tava. 

6. Remove it by folding half and then quarter as shown in picture.  serve  hot with jatpat chutney or any kind of  chutney.


Click to see another variation of Neer Dosa with Coconut.

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