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Yummy, Simple and Quick Appetizers: Yummy finger food recipes, appetizing soupes, healthy salads, mouth watering snacks and wonderful indian sweets.
Appetizer - Finger FoodsAppetizer - Finger Foods

Appetizer - Finger Foods

Simple Indian Appetizers - Finger Foods Recipes
Appetizer - SaladsAppetizer - Salads

Appetizer - Salads

Simple Indian Appetizers - Salads
Appetizer - Snacks & SweetsAppetizer - Snacks & Sweets

Appetizer - Snacks & Sweets

Simple snack recipes
Appetizer - SoupsAppetizer - Soups

Appetizer - Soups

Simple Indian Appetizers - Soups


Simple Indian Recipes for Beverages, Non alcoholic Cocktails , Hot Drinks, Avocado Milkshake, Mango Smoothie, Chukku Kaapi, Apple Cider, Strawberry Smoothie, Sweet Lassi, Falooda, Cherry Lassi, Grapefruit Agua Fresca, Cranberry Agua Fresca


Condiments are accompaniments served with any food to improve the overall taste. Here are varieties of pickles, raitas, jams, dips, sauces and chutneys commonly used in India.


Simple Indian Vegetarian Chutneys
Dry Chutney PowdersDry Chutney Powders

Dry Chutney Powders

Dry Chutney Powders (Podi Varieties) - Some dry chutney powder recipes that can be prepared in bulk and stored. This can be served with white rice, idli, dosa, sevai, chappatti etc.


Jam (Jelly, Fruit Preserves, Fruit Spread): Simple and quick to do recipes for making jams and fruit spreads at home.


Simple Indian Pickle Recipes: Simple and easy to prepare recipes for Sour and spicy pickles, achar, urugai, Indian Style Pickles. These Indian style pickle can be a condiment for any Indian food.


Raita Recipes (Yogurt Salad, Yogurt Recipes, Thayir Pachadi) - Raita is a popular Indian accompaniment made by mixing chopped vegetables or fruits mixed with spiced beaten curd.


Sauces and Dips - These are essential accompaniments served with any kind of finger food, appetizers or fast food that plays a key role in taste of the dish served with.
Desserts - Cakes & CookiesDesserts - Cakes & Cookies

Desserts - Cakes & Cookies

Baker's Corner (Cakes, Pastries, Sweet Breads, Muffins and Cookies)
Cakes and MuffinsCakes and Muffins

Cakes and Muffins

Cake Varieties - Simple home tested recipes for Cakes, Pastries, Sweet Breads and Muffins
Cookies and BiscuitsCookies and Biscuits

Cookies and Biscuits

Cookies - Simple and home tested recipes for cookies and biscuits.
Desserts - Desi SweetsDesserts - Desi Sweets

Desserts - Desi Sweets

Simple Indian Sweet Recipes
Halwa VarietiesHalwa Varieties

Halwa Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Halwa Varieties (Sheera)
Ice Cream VarietiesIce Cream Varieties

Ice Cream Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Ice Cream Varieties - Home made Ice Creams
Kheer (Payasam) VarietiesKheer (Payasam) Varieties

Kheer (Payasam) Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Kheer Varieties - Payasam Recipes
Ladoo VarietiesLadoo Varieties

Ladoo Varieties

Ladoo Varieties: Some simple recipes for traditional ladoo varieties. Different kind of ladoo recipes. Collection of homemade traditional laddu desserts.
Desserts - InternationalDesserts - International

Desserts - International

Simple Indian Recipes - International Desserts
Pie VarietiesPie Varieties

Pie Varieties

Pie Varieties - Simple recipes for home made pies that can be made for any festive occasions or simply as a snack at home.
Pudding VarietiesPudding Varieties

Pudding Varieties

Pudding Recipes - Simple pudding recipes with easily available ingredients to make a quick dessert.
Entree - Fast FoodEntree - Fast Food

Entree - Fast Food

Simple Fast Food Recipes
Sandwich VarietiesSandwich Varieties

Sandwich Varieties

Simple Sandwich Varieties Recipes
Entree - Rice VarietiesEntree - Rice Varieties

Entree - Rice Varieties

Simple Indian Rice Varieties
Biriyani and Pulao VarietiesBiriyani and Pulao Varieties

Biriyani and Pulao Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Biriyani Varieties and Pulav(Pulao) Varieties
Variety RiceVariety Rice

Variety Rice

Variety Rice - Some traditional south indian rice dishes like lemon rice, tamarind rice, curd rice etc. Various types of Kalavai Sadam or Chitranna.
Vegetable RiceVegetable Rice

Vegetable Rice

Vegetable Rice - Rice and Vegetables cooked together makes a great one pot meal for a busy or tired day and even for lunch boxes. Veggie rice ideas for kids and elders.
Entree - Tiffin VarietiesEntree - Tiffin Varieties

Entree - Tiffin Varieties

INDIAN TIFFIN RECIPES - Simple indian breakfast and dinner ideas to add variety to your everyday meals or lunchboxes.


Indian Dumplings: Some famous Indian dumpling recipes (also called modak or kozhukattai or kudumu or kadubu) described step by step to be easily made at home.
Idli Dosa VarietiesIdli Dosa Varieties

Idli Dosa Varieties

Simple Indian Idli and Dosa Varieties - Variety Dosa, Ragi Idli/ Dosa, Dal Dosai, Aapam, Masala Dosa, Banana Dosai, Rava Idli, Onion Uthappam, Rava Dosai, Mushroom Dosa, Oats Idli/Dosa, Adai Dosai, Multi Grain Adai.
Other Exotic Tiffin VarietiesOther Exotic Tiffin Varieties

Other Exotic Tiffin Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Exotic Tiffin Varieties. Simple and easy to make Tiffin Varieties.
Other Traditional Tiffin VarietiesOther Traditional Tiffin Varieties

Other Traditional Tiffin Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Traditional Tiffin Varieties
Pasta and Noodles VarietiesPasta and Noodles Varieties

Pasta and Noodles Varieties

Simple Indian Pasta Recipes - Indian Style Pasta, pasta varieties like Tuna Pasta, Pasta Biriyani, Herbal Pasta, Fennel Pasta, Kheema Pasta, Pasta Payasam, Curd Semiya, Channa Pasta, Egg Noodles, Egg Noodles Veg Stirfry, Rice Noodles.
Porridge VarietiesPorridge Varieties

Porridge Varieties

Porridge Varieties (Kanghi, Koozhu, Kazhi, Soup)
Roti VarietiesRoti Varieties

Roti Varieties

Simple Indian Roti Varieties, Indian Bread Varieties like Naan, Stuffed Paratha, Broccoli Paratha, Chappatti, Alu Paratha, Kheema Paratha, Poori .....
Upma Kichadi Pongal VarietiesUpma Kichadi Pongal Varieties

Upma Kichadi Pongal Varieties

Simple Indian Recipes - Upma, Kichadi and Pongal Varieties


Simple Indian Recipes to make Jam, Pickle, Salad, Raita, Sauce, Butter....
Spice MixesSpice Mixes

Spice Mixes

Spice mixes - Masala Powders (Spicy powder recipes).
Non Vegetarian - GraviesNon Vegetarian - Gravies

Non Vegetarian - Gravies

Simple Indian Non Vegetarian Gravies
Non Vegetarian - Side dishesNon Vegetarian - Side dishes

Non Vegetarian - Side dishes

Simple Indian Non Vegetarian Side dishes
Vegetarian - GraviesVegetarian - Gravies

Vegetarian - Gravies

Simple Indian Vegetarian Gravies
Coconut Based CurryCoconut Based Curry

Coconut Based Curry

Coconut based curries - Most South Indian curries are made using coconut to give a thickness and creaminess to the gravy. Here is a list of such gravies.
Daal VarietiesDaal Varieties

Daal Varieties

Daal (Lentils, Legumes, Pulses, Beans) Recipes - Simple Indian Recipes with Daal varieties.
Rich Creamy CurryRich Creamy Curry

Rich Creamy Curry

Rich Creamy Curry: Some traditional mughalai curry recipes made with rich cream and nuts. Curries and gravies with rich cream as base.
Tamarind Based CurryTamarind Based Curry

Tamarind Based Curry

Tamarind Based Curries (Pulikulambu, Theeyal, Pulusu) - A collection of spicy and tangy South Indian style gravies that are made with tamarind sauce as the base.
Tomato Based CurryTomato Based Curry

Tomato Based Curry

Tomato Based Curry: Some traditional Indian curry recipes that has tomato as the base. Collection of tomato based curries and gravy recipes.
Yogurt Based CurryYogurt Based Curry

Yogurt Based Curry

Some traditional Indian curries and gravies made with curd / buttermilk / yogurt as the base ingredient. These north Indian and south Indian curd based curries are easy to make in home
Vegetarian - Side dishesVegetarian - Side dishes

Vegetarian - Side dishes

Simple Indian Vegetarian Side dishes
Vegetable FryVegetable Fry

Vegetable Fry

Vegetable Fry - Simple sauteed and stir fried vegetable recipes. This includes poriyal, varuval, thoran etc. Easy Indian vegetarian vegetable fried side dishes to serve with rice, roti, etc.
Vegetable MasalasVegetable Masalas

Vegetable Masalas

Vegetable Masalas | Simple Indian Recipes
Vegetables with LentilsVegetables with Lentils

Vegetables with Lentils

Vegetables with Lentils: Vegetables cooked with lentils makes it delectable for even picky eaters. Lentils give a good texture and flavor to the vegetable side-dishes.

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Here are some recipes with Rava.
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Where is Eid specialities?? The name of website is not justified !!!!
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Hi Sara, I wanted to include the specialities for all the muslim festivals. I am trying to get hold of a reliable person to share the authentic muslim recipes. Hopefully it will be included soon. You are welcome to share your recipes too. You could send them to I will publish them. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.
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