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Diabetic Recipes

 Published 2012-Mar-20   Updated 2018-Aug-08
(Indian Diabetic Diet Recipes, Indian Style Diabetic Friendly Dishes)

Diabetes Friendly Recipes

Diabetes is a condition in which there is high sugar (glucose) level in the blood. The glucose comes from the food we eat. A hormone insulin produced by the pancreas is responsible for absorbing the glucose into our body cells. Diabetes can be caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin (Type I) or due to insulin resistance (Type II) i.e. the body cells do not respond to the insulin produced.Diabetes causes frequent urination and increased hunger. A diabetic diet must include food with low glycemic index (GI). GI is an indication of how much the blood sugar level will rise when we eat something. Foods with low GI include fruits, vegetables,beans, oats and other whole grains. These are food which are high in vitamins and fiber content.

If you have diabetes, try to restrict your diet to 1500-1800 calories in a day. Moderation is the key - eat everything in moderate quantities. Try to include lots of vegetables into your meal in order to increase the fiber content. For eg. : Try to use whole grain noodles or pastas, use brown rice to make all variety rice dishes and try to include lots of millets in your diet. In addition, try to include as many vegetables or sprouts as possible in the dish to increase the fiber content. Fruits are high in fiber too. However some fruits like mango, banana, grapes etc contain high sugar level. So consume these fruits in small portions.

Our Indian diet is dominated by carbohydrates. As much as possible try to include more protein into your diet and reduce the carbohydrate intake. Also, try to expose your body to sunlight everyday and drink plenty of water. The Vitamin D that you get from sunlight is essential for a healthy life. Water helps in reducing the risk of many of the ailments related to diabetes. I have shared some Indian diabetic friendly recipes that can be substituted for the regular rice or roti meals.

Disclaimer: All the information provided here is based on my personal experience with my diabetic family members. If you have high sugar level, please consult your doctor and get required medical support.

There is no cure for diabetes. If you take care of your diet and keep your sugar under control, you could lead a normal healthy life. Below are the Top 15 food for diabetes that can help keep your sugar level in control. Try to include these diabetic friendly food in your diet as often as possible.

  1. Bitter gourd
  2. Fenugreek seeds
  3. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)
  4. Jamun (Indian blackberry) seeds
  5. Aloe vera
  6. Curry leaves
  7. Neem Leaves and tender shoots of neem
  8. Guava and guava leaves
  9. Flax seeds
  10. Water
  11. Drumstick Leaves
  12. Green tea
  13. Basil Leaves (Thulsi)
  14. Cinnamon
  15. Tender Mango Leaves

Home remedies for controlling blood sugar

Neem Flower Powder Neem Flower Powder Gooseberry Sharbat Gooseberry Sharbat Herbal Juice Herbal Juice Neem Flower Rasam (Veepam Poo Rasam) Neem Flower Rasam
Green Coriander Juice Green Coriander Juice

High Fiber Meal Ideas (Recipes with whole grains like Millets, Oats, Brown rice, Red Rice, Black Rice, Quinoa, Wheat etc)

Whole grain Adai Whole grain Adai Oats Soup Oats Soup Ragi Idli Ragi Idli / Dosa Oats Idli Oats Idli/Dosa
Chappatti Chappatti/ Phulka/ Roti Ragi Idiyappam Ragi Idiyappam Pesarattu Pesarattu Indian Style Pasta Indian Style Pasta
Rava Kichadi Grits/Rava Kichadi Rava Idli Rava Idli Kambu Choru Kambu Choru Bajra Bhakri Bajra Bhakri
Kambu Koozh Kambu Koozh Quinoa Pilaf Quinoa Pilaf Oats Bisi Bele Bath Oats Bisi Bele Bath Oats Kozhukattai Oats Kozhukattai
Ragi Adai Ragi Adai Ragi Roti Ragi Roti Thalipeeth Thalipeeth Sprouts Salad Sprouts Salad
Cabbage Salad Cabbage Salad Fenugreek Sprouts Soup Fenugreek Sprouts Soup Chili Chili Ragi Sevai Ragi Sevai(Noodles)
Lapsi Upma Lapsi Upma Samba Godhumai Ven Pongal Samba Godhumai Ven Pongal Little Millet Rice - Samai Sadam Little Millet Rice (Samai Rice) Curd Oats - Savory Yogurt Oats Curd Oats (Savory Yogurt Oats)
Little Millet Curd Rice Little Millet Curd Rice Whole Wheat Pita Bread Whole Wheat Pita Bread Moong Dal Dosa Sprouts Kuzhipaniyaaram Mixed Vegetable Paratha Mixed Vegetable Paratha
Wheat Puttu with Atta Wheat Puttu with Atta Red Rice Puttu Red Rice Puttu Ragi Puttu Ragi Puttu Methi Paratha Methi Paratha
Cooking Kerala Matta Rice Cooking Kerala Matta Rice Cooking Brown Rice Cooking Brown Rice Black Rice Puttu Black Rice Puttu Bamboo Rice Puttu Bamboo Rice Puttu
Whole Wheat Puttu Whole Wheat Puttu Nachani Ghavan Nachni Ghavan Ragi Aapam Ragi Aapam Kambu Idli Kambu Idli

Low Carb Meal Ideas (Protein diet, Grain free diet, Salads, Soups etc)

Indian Style Omelette Indian Style Omelette Lentil Soup Lentil Soup Hard Boiled Eggs Hard Boiled Eggs Khaman Dhokla Khaman Dhokla
Broccoli Soup Broccoli Soup Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Soup Vegetable Soup Vegetable Soup Spinach Soup Spinach Soup
Whole Roasted Chicken Whole Roasted Chicken Chicken Noodles Soup Chicken Noodles Soup Chicken Manchow Soup Chicken Manchow Soup Scallion Chicken Scallion Chicken
Avocado Salad Avocado Salad Tofu Stir Fry Tofu Stir Fry Minestrone Soup Minestrone Soup 4C Soup 4C Soup
Poached Egg Poached Egg Lemon Pepper Chicken Lemon Pepper Chicken Italian Baked Chicken Italian Baked Chicken Pan Fried Chicken Pan Fried Chicken
Fish Cutlet Fish Cutlet Baked Fish Baked Fish Chinese Flavoured Fish Roast Chinese Flavoured Fish Roast Banana Stem Soup Banana Stem Soup
Chicken And Vegetable Saute Chicken And Vegetable Saute Microwave Garlic Broccoli Microwave Garlic Broccoli Steamed Broccoli Steamed Broccoli No Image Snakegourd Salad
Pan Seared Chicken Pan Seared Chicken Dahi Vada Dahi Vada Sabz Chana Sabz Chana Besan Chilaa Besan Chilaa
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup Chicken Hot & Sour Soup Cream of Mushroom Soup Cream of Mushroom Soup Capsicum Soup Capsicum Soup Tandoori Chicken Baked Tandoori Chicken
Savoury French Toast Savoury French Toast Leeks Clear Soup Leeks Clear Soup    

Tasty diabetic friendly curries and side dishes

Methi Guava Curry Methi Guava Curry Bittergourd Fry Bittergourd Fry Stuffed Bittergourd Stuffed Bittergourd Flaxseed Gun Powder Flaxseed Gun Powder
Idli Podi Idli Podi Curry Leaf Powder Curry Leaf Powder Kothamalli Podi Kothamalli Podi Guar Fry Guar Fry
Gooseberry Chutney Gooseberry Chutney Broccoli Mezhukkupuratti Broccoli Mezhukkupuratti Chicken Bartha Chicken Bartha Aviyal Without Coconut Avial Without Coconut
Banana Stem Mor Kootu Banana Stem Mor Kootu Pavakkai Paruppu Kootu Pavakkai Paruppu Kootu Pavakka Kichadi Pavakka Kichadi  

Diabetic friendly Snacks

Raw Banana Yam Bonda Raw Banana Yam Bonda Baked Kale Chips Baked Kale Chips Kothimbir Wadi Kothimbir Wadi Khandvi Khandvi
Vazhaipoo Vadai Vazhaipoo Vadai Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Black Channa Sundal Black Channa Sundal Channa Chaat Channa Chaat (Chikpea Salad)
Navadhanya Sundal Navadhanya Sundal Masala Vadai Masala Vadai Medhu Vadai Medhu Vadai Roasted Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana Namkeen) Roasted Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana Namkeen)
Masala Buttermilk Masala Buttermilk Sambharam Sambharam Chana Masala Sundal Chana Masala Sundal Chicken Tikka Kabab Chicken Tikka Kabab
Chatpata Sprouts Salad Chatpata Sprouts Salad Banana Stem Juice Banana Stem Juice Chatpata Vegetable Salad Chatpata Vegetable Salad Broken Wheat Patties Broken Wheat Patties / Cutlets
Nachaniche Ambil Nachaniche Ambil (Ragi Drink)      

Diabetic friendly Desserts (Sugar free desserts)

Tricolour Halwa Tricolour Halwa Diabetic Pumpkin Halwa Diabetic Pumpkin Halwa 2 minute mug cake
2 Minute Mug Cake
Kesari Kesari (Sooji ka Halwa)
Sugar Free Kozhukattai Sugar Free Kozhukattai      

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Person   ()
such a great details thanks for the awareness and just check out this website for more
Person   ()
Than You.
Person   ()
Hi there Everyone such Amazing Dieabetic recipes thank you so much
I hope it will help a lot for all. Thank you so much for this amazing posts and keep update like this excellent article.
Person   ()
Thank you for your encouragement Deanna.
Person   ()
If your blood report indicate high percentage of TRIGLYCERIDE then avoid FRIED items which are suggested for DIABETES. Means always be careful that for getting benefit for one you are not doing harm to other issues of health .
Person   ()
Thanks for sharing.
Person   ()
Hi there Everyone such Amazing Dieabetic recipes thank you so much
Jan uk
Person   ()
Hi Janet, Thank you for your words of appreciation. It means a lot to me.
Person   ()
Sorry i have bp and heart problem
Person   ()
I am aged 57.i have no and heart fasting sugar varies from 110 to 150.pp is 250 to 300.taking insulin.diabetic for 20 years.suggest me diabetic friendly breakfast and meals
Person   ()
I have given some tips and some menu ideas to keep your blood sugar under control. For a meal plan specific to your health, please consult a doctor or a trained dietitian.
Person   ()
My father is suffering from ulcer, fat on heart and diabetes. His age is 65, weight 79 kg, height 5ft 10 inches. What would be his diet plan. He is non vegetarian. Please help me.
Person   ()
Hi, Please consult a professional dietitian for diet plan. I have given a list of food that is suitable for diabetic patients.
Person   ()
please telll the name of dals one can have my suger level was 324 last Wednesday and today it was 108 taking 1000 mg ttwice a day shall i reduce it
Person   ()
Diabetic people can eat all types of dals. First try to bring down your sugar level by regular exercise and some diet control. I have given tips above.
Person   ()
My husband is a type 2 diabetic. He is 61 years old, and a very hard working physician. The second he found out he was diabetic (about 8 years ago) he started on insulin, no messing about with other drugs first, or changing his diet like he should have way back then. But following this natural method:
his diabetes, inflammation, asthma, and metabolic syndrome have improved dramatically! We finally are able to take off some weight, and have cut his insulin use in half!....
Person   ()
Muzy dibetes hai,Main bakryka mit kha sakta hun kay
Person   ()
1 Years ago my fasting blood sugar was 223 & random 315 after ten 10 days controlling by exercise it became fasting 110 & random >140 & < 190 after three month from 31 dec-17 or in m/o march it was quarterly calculation by pathology 116 without any medicine & normal exercise. Now it is today fasting is 120 & random is 190. what is your suggestion for this.
Person   ()
Sir what diet to follow .. I am 32 and my random sugar is 252 today I came to know.. what exercises you did and what diet to be followed what tiffins to eat .. I am vegetarian please let me know sir..
Person   ()
sorry ! I forgotten to include my age. my age is 48 years to till date
Person   ()
My father had diabetis...thanks a lot for your receipes so that we can cook n serve him more varietis
Person   ()
Good to hear that. Enjoy and eat healthy!!
Person   ()
Hi.I am diagnoses with type. 2 sugar levels are can I bring it back to normal level.
Person   ()
Person   ()
You are welcome.
Person   ()
Good list,but interesting to see that you haven't included unripe jackfruit ,which was found by Sydney University’s Glycemic Index Research Service to be effective in reducing glycemic load of meals and hence fight diabetes.

Would like to know your take on this.
Person   ()
Thanks for sharing.
Person   ()
Thank you so much for these beautiful recipes. Its very mom always worried about her I can take care of her diet.....thank u
Person   ()
Sure. With little bit of planning in diet, you can surely keep diabetes under control.
Person   ()
in khaman dhokla reciepe you have mentioned sugar 23 table spoons teo be taken. how can a diabetic take sugar. and you have mentioned medu it safe to take this ?
Person   ()
Hi Neena, While making khaman dhokla you can skip the sugar. Sugar is traditionally added as it is a Gujarati dish but it is not really necessary.

Medu Vada is deep fried but it is absolutely OK to enjoy it once in a while.
Person   ()
Thank u for the information u have given as ragards the control of high sugar level of a diabetic. I merited a lot from it. However , i am a diabetic patient. Just this week i went for check of my fbs. To my supprised, the result of the test was up to 272mg. Then my Doctor gave me prescription of metformine 500mg(20 tablet) and four tablets of Amaryl and also asked me to do exercise daily , i should avoid carbohadrate foods, which i have started to observed immidiately. He asked me to come back for check again after a week.But sir, am very worry if the just two prescriptions he gave me is enough to get to reduce the level of my fbs within these few days. Please, what is ur suggestion?
Person   ()
Can tarul be taken in diabetes?
Person   ()
Hi I am Anjana, my diabetics is too high with a level of 307. HOW can I maintain it?
Person   ()
Consult your doctor and take prescription medication. At the same, check your regular diet according to the tips given above. Regular exercise of 1 hour is a must.
Person   ()
Yoga and walking...
Juice of tomato, kakadi, butter guard.
Person   ()
hi recently did my blood sigar fasting test my count is 148
im afraid to visit my doctor if im detected as diabetic
Person   ()
Its good to visit your doctor. It is always good to detect medical conditions on time. At the same time, do regular exercise and watch your diet. You will surely be able to lead a healthy life style.
Person   ()
Thank you ..... My mom is diabatic I can make her health by is tips ....thanks a lot . you all did a great job ...
Person   ()
Its my pleasure.
Person   ()
Your right..carbohydrates must be controlled..but even oil used for cooking should be good. Doctor told me to cook in sesame oil.I make all kinds of sabji. Proteins and dals also. It is good for diabetes and sugar. helps control blood sugar of diabetes patient and family also stays healthy.
Person   ()
Sure. Thanks for sharing.
Person   ()
Great recipes. In June of 2015, it was discovered that I had type 2 diabetes. By the end of the month, I was given a prescription for Metformin. I stated the ADA diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140. With no results to how for my hard work, I panicked and called my doctor. His response? Deal with it. I began to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research. Then I found Rachel’s blog . I read it from cover to cover and I started the diet and by the next morning, my blood sugar was 100. Since then, I have a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s. My doctor was so surprised at the results that, the next week, he took me off the Metformin. I lost 30 pounds in the first month and lost more than 6 inches off my waist and I’m able to work out twice a day while still having lots of energy. The truth is we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods
Person   ()
Thanks for sharing Sara.
Person   ()
That's fake story

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