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Bottle Gourd

 Published 2012-Mar-21   Updated 2019-Feb-26
(Suraikkai, Dhoodhi, Dudhi, Lauki, Sorakaya)

Bottle Gourd

About Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is a vegetable in the squash family and is also known as Opo Squash. It is also known by other names like Calabash gourds, White-flowered gourd, Long Melons etc. In Tamil it is known as Sorakkai and Dhoodhi in hindi.

Recipes with Bottle Gourd as the STAR ingredient

Bottlegourd Laddu Bottle gourd Laddu Bottle Gourd Korma Sorakkai Kurma (Bottle Gourd Korma) Bottle gourd Curry Lauki Sabzi (Bottle gourd Curry) Bottle Gourd Bread Bottle Gourd Bread
Bottlegourd Halwa Doodhi ka Halwa (Bottlegourd Halwa) Methi Lauki Dal Methi Lauki Dal Dudhi Vadi Dudhi Vadi  

Other Recipes with Bottle Gourd

Bottlegourd Adai Bottlegourd Adai Pav Bhaji Pav Bhaji Mixed Vegetable Bhaji Mixed Vegetable Bhaji Mixed Vegetable Kurma Mixed Vegetable Kurma

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