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Bachelor Recipes

 Published 2012-Mar-18   Updated 2017-Mar-28

Bachelor Recipes

I recently read a forward message which said that somewhere between craving for pizza and craving for home made food we become complete. How true it is!!! At the end of all day’s hard work, successes and achievement, all that makes one happy and complete is a healthy home cooked meal. I mean, that is what we toil and sweat for all through our life.

A few decades ago, that is in the age of our grandparents, through out the world, cooking a healthy meal was the woman's job. Even if she was working, cooking was still her job. The boys in the house would move out from their parents only after they have a job and are married. It was believed to be the correct way of living life, eating home made food and make life complete. Then, came an era, when the boys and girls moved out of the parental house to study and work in different places in the country or abroad. They would satisfy their hunger from the mess, hotels and instant foods like noodles, pizzas, burgers, etc. Though these were answer to the hunger, it was a big NO to health. The increased numbers in obesity and diabetes and stomach infections are only due to this improper way of eating. And then, with the dawn of realisation, boys and girls decided to cook for themselves for a good health and they learnt to cook.

Today is the generation of fitness and health. Individuals eat for nutrition and good health. One of the suggestions for all round fitness by nutritionist is to eat home cooked food. Besides this, girls and boys have realised the joy in creating something new with their own hands and the therapy associated with cooking. I am a mother of boy and I think, and many parents of the current generation would agree with me, that cooking is a compulsory learning art for every child, irrespective of being a girl or boy. I am glad that we have made a step towards that big change. It is really cute to see many youngsters and children cook a surprise meal for their loved ones on special occasions. It is definitely more endearing than any expensive present.

Considering the time restraint, and ease of cooking I have listed out few recipes both in vegetarian and non vegetarian that can be made quickly, easily and is filling and nutrient dense. Some of these have also been tried by my hubby.

BACHELOR RECIPES is just another heading; In fact it is a section of recipes that can be tried by the first time cooking enthusiasts. Do try all of these for your family and make your loved ones feel special. Cheers!!!

Entree, Breakfast & Tiffin For Bachelors

Rava Upma Rava Upma Avocado Salad Avocado Salad Khaman Dhokla Khaman Dhokla Masala Pav Masala Pav
Oats Soup Oats Soup Boiled Tapioca Boiled Tapioca Semiya Upma Semiya Upma Kotthu Parotta Kotthu Parotta
Egg Noodles Egg Noodles Pancakes Pancakes Indian Style Pasta Indian Style Pasta Slow Cooker Pot Roast Slow Cooker Pot Roast
Aval Dosa Aval Dosa Hakka Noodles Hakka Noodles Chicken And Vegetable Saute Chicken And Vegetable Saute Pan Seared Chicken Pan Seared Chicken
Aval Nanachathu Aval Nanachathu (Sweet Poha) Bread Omelette Bread Omelette Besan Chilaa Besan Chilla (Vegan Omelette) StoveTop Bread Pizza StoveTop Bread Pizza

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Comments (17)

Person   ()
i will try these,thank u for sharing
Person   ()
Sure do try and enjoy.
Person   ()
what about the bachelorettes ? what are we chop liver?
Person   ()
i am 102 kgs age 36 male. trying to go for walking from several years .. will go one or 2 days then i dont go... really its alarming stage now.. i know but how to make it possible,,, i need a advice pls... kannan
Person   ()
Every new practice becomes a habit if you manage to do it consistently for at least 2 weeks. Motivate yourselves, set a goal and work towards achieving it. I hope you have a weighing machine at home. If not, invest in a digital weighing machine. Check your weight daily and try to reduce atleast 1/2 kg per week. Eat all you favorite food in small portions. Entertain yourselves by listening to music or talking or playing games in the phone while walking. That way, walking doesn't get boring. Go for a full body health check up. The more you are aware of the possible health risks, the chances are that you will be motivated.
Person   ()
tum log jhagdda krta ji
Person   ()
well i love cycling. And i eat everything. Of course being North indian fat is something i love.If ghee or Butter is not floating in the vegetable bowl than it's not worth eating. LoL
you see our food is ruled by the tongue yours seems by mind.
But what i don't understand is why the Fat people ratio is almost same in north and south?
And we really start on desi ghee from child hood. e.g, I used to eat a half bowl of Desi ghee or Malai mix with sugar as a sweet dish. LoL

So anyone can answer that? i'm realy curious about that. yours waist size should be half as compared to we north indians?
Person   ()
South Indians use a lot of coconut. Their diet also includes rice.
Person   ()
coz south indians rock!!!!!!!! and it is u a "north indian" who is bias.....coz u r the one that chooses to think dat way of ur fellow indians..... n if i have to be bias ur north indian food is all all n fat n nothing healthy comes out of it......
Person   ()
it is nice
Person   ()
Thank You.
Person   ()
tel me one simple thing.....does indian mean south indian???? where r the north indian recipes???u ppl r so biasd.
south indians completly dominate this site!! AND I HATE IT!!
Person   ()
Cool.. There are many north indian recipes too. Most of the contrbutors are south indians. Thats the simple reason.
Person   ()
Of course.....They love to share.....Unlike people up north!!!!!
Person   ()
aren't South Indians allowed to call themselves Indian????????? It is obvious that a South Indian person had shared his / her recipes.... the word "hate" is too deep. Lets all live together in harmony.
Person   ()
Thanks for your support.
Person   ()
I love both

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