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Vegetable Rice Varieties

 Published 2012-Oct-25   Updated 2017-Feb-19
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Rice is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen and can very well belong to any cuisine. It can be used to make main course, dessert or sometimes even a starter. Cooked rice is a staple food in the Indian menu, especially a south Indian one. Any meal is considered incomplete without the rice being present. This cooked rice can be eaten along with accompaniments like dhal, sambhar, rice, kadi or some kuzhambu variety. To prepare one or many of these in busy weekday mornings can be cumbersome, more so if both the partners are working and have early working hours. In such times, one pot meals prove to be a great boon as they are simple, easy to cook, tasty and very nutritive too. One pot meal is no jargon, it is just vegetables and some spices cooked along with rice or added to rice, which make it a complete wholesome meal. Since one or many vegetables are infused with the rice, the whole dish is nutrient dense.

It is quite a fad among the weight watchers that consumption of rice is unhealthy and promotes weight gain. But it is a complete myth. On the contrary, rice is highly nutritive. Since rice is abundant in carbohydrates, it acts as a fuel for the body and aids in normal functioning of the brain. The vitamins, minerals and various organic components increase the functioning and metabolic activity of all our organ systems. Eating rice is extremely beneficial as it does not contain harmful fats, cholesterol or sodium. Whole grain rice like brown rice is rich in insoluble fiber that protects us against many types of cancer, especially the colon, rectal and intestinal cancer. It also contains natural anti oxidants like vitamin C and A and other important vitamins like B4, B1 and vitamin D. The consumption of rice also aids in bowel movement and heals other digestive problems.

Enjoy the one pot meals and do not forget to send in your thoughts and feedback. Cheers!!

Plain Rice / Steamed Rice

Some of the recipes below requires rice to be cooked separately and then mixed with the sauteed vegetables. So here's the recipe to make the perfect cooked rice. Once the rice is ready, cool it and then mix with the vegetables.

White Rice White Rice (Steamed Rice)      

One Pot Vegetable Rice Dishes

Carrot Rice Carrot Rice Asparagus Pulao Asparagus Pulao Capsicum Rice Capsicum Rice Corn Rice Corn Rice
Gooseberry Rice Gooseberry Rice Spinach Rice Spinach Rice Methi Pulao Methi Pulao Okra Rice Okra Rice
Cauliflower Pulao Cauliflower Pulao Potato Pulav Potato Pulav Vangi Bath Vangi Bath Mango Rice Mango Rice
Curry Leaf Rice Curry Leaf Rice Tomato Rice Tomato Rice Mint Corriander Rice Mint Corriander Rice Dill Rice Dill Rice
Mixed Vegetable Pulao Mixed Vegetable Pulao Bisi Bele Bath Bisi Bele Bath Broccoli Pilaf Broccoli Pulao Maharashtrian Masala BhatMaharashtrian Masala Bhat
Tendli Bhaat Tendli Bhaat      

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