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Tapioca / Cassava

 Published 2012-Mar-29   Updated 2020-Jun-29
(Kappa, Maravalli Kilangu, Ezhl Illai Kilangu, Maricheeni Kilangu, Sago, Sabudhana, Javarisi, Kuri Aloo, Wood Potato)

About Tapioca

Tapioca or Cassava is also known by many regional names in different states. In Kerala it is also called as Kolli, Kappa, Marichini or Poolakizhaghu. In Tamil Nadu it is known as Maravalli Kizhangu or Ezhl Illai Kilangu. This is also used internationally in America, African countries and other neighboring countries of India like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is a root vegetable that is used for many sweet as well as savory preparations. It is rich in carbohydrate and starch and hence used for thickening in many recipes. In Kerala it is known as the poor mans food. It used to be a staple food in all households and is made in many forms like boiled, mashed etc. In Tamil nadu, maravalli kizhangu is used to make adai, poriyal etc.

The tapioca starch is sold in powder form. It is also sold in the form of pearls known as sago (or sabudhana or javarisi or chavvari). This again is used in several Indian traditional dishes. It is specially given to old age people, infants and people with ulcers since it easily gets digested. It is also one among the permitted food during the vrat in India. These pearls are also used to prepare facial masks and hair masks. 

Preparing Tapioca For Cooking

Cutting & Cleaning Tapioca Preparing Tapioca      

Recipes with Tapioca (Kappa, Maravalli Kizhangu)

Kappa Biryani Kappa Biryani Kappa Vevichathu Kappa Vevichathu (Boiled Tapioca) Kappa Kuzhachathu Kappa Kuzhachathu (Mashed and Spiced Tapioca)  

Recipes with Tapioca Pearls (Sabudhana, Javarisi, Chavvari)

Sabudhana Kichadi Sabudhana Kichadi Sabudhana Vada Sabudhana Vada Tricolour Sabudana Kichadi Tricolour Sabudana Kichadi Banana Stem payasam Banana Stem Payasam
Chena Kilangu Payasam Chena Kilangu Payasam Ada Pradhaman Ada Pradhaman Pineapple Payasam Pineapple Payasam Mallige Idli (Kushboo Idli) Mallige Idli (Kushboo Idli)
Sathu Maavu Sathu Maavu Javvarisi Vadam Javvarisi Vadam    

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Dis iz owsme dish. I love it
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Yes. all tapioca dishes taste good.

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