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Rice Varieties

(Rice Recipes, Vegetable Rice, Biryani, Biriyani, Pulao, Variety Rice, Lunch Box Rice Varieties, Variety Rice Recipes, Biryani Recipes, Pilaf, Pulao or Pulav Recipes and Others easy Indian rice recipes)


Rice is a staple food in many countries around the world. People in most asian countries like India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh rice their main dish, while in western countries it is used as a side-dish.

In Asian countries, basic steamed rice is served with some curry or dal and some side-dish. It is also used to prepare many variety rice dishes in which cooked rice is seasoned and flavoured with lemon, tomato, tamarind, curd or coconut. Vegetables can be added while cooking rice to make different one pot meals called pulaos. Biryani is yet another famous preparation with rice and meat, that is made during special occasions. Rice is also made into flour or batter and many dishes are prepared. There are also desserts prepared with rice.

There are many varieties of rice available which varies in size, colour and texture. There is white, brown, red and black rice that has different nutritional benefits are used in its own way based on the region where it is available. For most biryani and pulao preparations, basmati rice is commonly used. For south indian style variety rice, mostly raw rice or boiled rice is used.

The best thing about rice dishes is that it is gluten free and can be safely given to babies or even old people. In fact it is the first food that is given to infants. Even sick people are given simple rice preparations.

Here I've listed a huge collection of simple recipes of different rice dishes from various parts of India and around the globe. Do try out and enjoy!!

Plain Rice / Steamed Rice

White Rice White Rice (Steamed Rice)

Biryani Varieties (Biriyani)

Egg Biryani Egg Biryani Chicken Biryani Chicken Biryani Turkey Biryani Turkey Biryani Malabar Prawns Biryani Malabar Prawns Biryani
Chana Biryani Chana Biryani Mutton Biryani Mutton Biryani Quail Biryani Kaadai / Quail Biryani Fish Biryani Fish Biryani
Mushroom Soya Biryani Mushroom Soya Biryani Hyderabadi Biryani Hyderabadi Biryani Vegetable Biryani Vegetable Biryani Khuska Biryani Khuska Biryani
CKP Chicken Biryani CKP Chicken Biryani Cooked Meat Biryani Cooked Meat Biryani Shrimp Biryani Shrimp (or Prawns) Biryani CKP Prawns Biryani CKP Prawns Biryani

North Indian Pulao Varieties / Rice Pilaf Recipes

Kashmiri Pulao Kashmiri Pulao Zafrani Pulao Zafrani Pulao Jeera Pulao Jeera Pulao Peas Pulao Peas Pulao
Dill Pulao Dill Pulao Mixed Vegetable Pulao Mixed Vegetable Pulao Egg Pulav Egg Pulav

South Indian Variety Rice

Curry Leaf Rice Curry Leaf Rice Curd Rice Curd Rice Tomato Rice Tomato Rice Mint Coriander Rice Mint Coriander Rice
Puliyodharai Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice, Puliyogare) Mango Rice Mango Rice Ellu Sadam Ellu Sadam Khuska Biryani Khuska Biryani
Coconut Rice Coconut Rice Bisi Bele Bath Bisi Bele Bath Lemon Rice Lemon Rice

Vegetable Rice (One pot meal ideas for lunch box)

Carrot Rice Carrot Rice Asparagus Pulao Asparagus Pulao Capsicum Rice Capsicum Rice Corn Rice Corn Rice
Gooseberry Rice Gooseberry Rice Spinach Rice Spinach Rice Methi Pulao Methi Pulao Okra Rice Okra Rice
Cauliflower Pulao Cauliflower Pulao Potato Pulav Potato Pulav Vangi Bath Vangi Bath Corn Biryani Corn Biryani
Broccoli Pilaf Broccoli Pulao

Rice with Lentils (Kitchadi and Pongal Varieties)

Puli Pongal Puli Pongal Ven Pongal Ven Pongal Sambhar Sadam Sambhar (Kadamba) Sadam Bisi Bele Bath Bisi Bele Bath
Payaru Kanji Payaru Kanji Paal Pongal Paal (Milk) Pongal

Sweet Rice Dishes

Zarda Rice Zarda Rice Rice Pudding Rice Pudding Sweet Pongal Sweet Pongal Phirni Phirni (Rice Kheer)
Nei Payasam Nei Payasam Akkaravadisal Akkaravadisal

International Rice Dishes

Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Fried Rice Vegetable Fried Rice Vegetable Fried Rice Rice Pudding Rice Pudding

Tiffin Items with Rice or Rice Flour

Pidi Kolukattai Pidi Kolukattai Puttu Puttu Idli Idli Kuzhipaniyaram Kuzhipaniyaram
Tri-colour Rice Dhokla Tri-colour Rice Dhokla Idiyappam Idiyappam Appam Appam Ammini Kozhukattai Ammini Kozhukattai
Ari Pathiri Ari Pathiri Plain Dosa Recipe Plain Dosa Recipe Onion Uthappam Onion Uthappam Neer Dosa Neer Dosa
No Photo Paal Kozhukattai Malabar Erachi Puttu Malabar Erachi Puttu Mallige Idli (Kushboo Idli) Mallige Idli (Kushboo Idli) Tumbler Idli Tumbler Idli
Sevai Sevai No Photo Red Rice Dosa Orotti Orotti Verum Arisi Adai Verum Arisi Adai

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Person vijay   (December 28, 2016)
i want to another name of cr 1009 rice variety
Person snehasri   (July 25, 2016)
thank u for posting more rice varieties
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (July 25, 2016)
You are welcome.
Person Mohammed Bemunda   (March 30, 2016)
I like all these recipes big up
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (March 30, 2016)
Thank you.
Person Rob   (February 22, 2016)
Does any one know how to make conduty Rice I think that's how to spell it
It's ether from portarician or Hawaiian they put a little round bean that makes it a orangey color
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (February 22, 2016)
I'm sorry Rob, I am not aware of that.
Person Nandashree   (February 10, 2016)
thanks for the wonderful recipes
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (February 10, 2016)
You are welcome...
Person Nandashree   (February 10, 2016)
Thank you
Person SELVI KARTHIK   (December 11, 2015)
Hai dear Dahlia am shocked how do you learn this all? Anyway it is very useful for me. I learn this site for my son Rithish
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (December 16, 2015)
Hi Selvi, Even I learnt all the dishes over the years from family, friends and other blogs. Keep trying new dishes and enjoy.
Person arulganesh   (August 14, 2015)
Good Hyderabad food
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (August 15, 2015)
Person prachi   (June 15, 2015)
I like this site good work dahlia
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (June 18, 2015)
Thanks Prachi...
Person RAKESH S   (June 8, 2015)
Thanks for the varities of rice recipes. I am trying to prepare Jeera pulav today..!!
Person Nafila   (March 22, 2015)
Wow... Yummy...
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (March 23, 2015)
Thank You.
Person fanish sahu   (February 18, 2015)
Dahlia nice work
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (February 23, 2015)
Thank You.
Person bhanu   (January 10, 2015)
I wan to know kaju masala recipe... Pls add that in this site..
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (January 26, 2015)
Sure. Will add soon.
Person shwetha   (December 23, 2014)
Mint rice was superrrrr!
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (January 2, 2015)
Thank You.
Person Ann Jose   (December 7, 2014)
All the recipes are easy and less time consuming. And almost all d regional dishes.. wow! Awesome work.. in love with this site.. ♥♥
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (December 18, 2014)
Thank you so much Ann.. I am glad you like it.
Person Diana Komal   (November 15, 2014)
All the recipes looks delicious. Got to try them one at a time. Thank you so much for sharing. Adds interest to everyday cooking and eating.
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (November 15, 2014)
Thanks. I am so glad that the site has been motivating you.
Person prasanna . v   (November 6, 2014)
Sup er asaom

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