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 Published 2012-Mar-22   Updated 2020-Jun-30

Cranberries are commonly found in US and Cananda around thanksgiving. It has a bright red colour and a sharp sour taste. It is mainly used to make juice, jams and pickles. It is not commonly found in India. These days frozen berries are available in supermarkets.

There is another berry commonly found in India known as Karonda, also known as Kalakai or Bengal Currant or Christ's thorn. It is lighter in colour and is a different berry. Although both are used to make pickles and tastes sour, they are not to be confused. Karonda is native to India whereas Cranberries are native to US and Canada. Below I have attached a picture of both cranberries and karonda. This will help see the difference. Having said that I would also like to mention that all recipes given below can be made using either cranberries or karonda.

Recipes With Cranberries

Cranberry Chiffon Salad Cranberry Chiffon Salad Cranberry Chutney Cranberry Chutney Cranberry Aguafresca Cranberry Aguafresca Cranberry Pickle Cranberry Pickle
Cranberry Jam Cranberry Jam Cranberry Fish Cranberry Fish Cranberry Peanut Chutney Cranberry Peanut Chutney  

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Comments (10)

Person   ()
very nice cranberry
Person   ()
Thank You
Person   ()
What is cranberry is Malayalam name?
Person   ()
Cranberry is not available in India, so doesn't have a local name.
Person   ()
Karonda or koromcha
Person   ()
Karonda and Cranberry are different. Please see details and picture given above.
Person   ()
It is available and grows during monsoon. It's called karonda or koromcha
Person   ()
No Anushka. Karonda is different from cranberry. I have posted pictures of both in the page above. Please see that.
Person   ()
what is the indian name for cranberry
Person   ()
I don't think this fruit is available in india. So no indian name. There is a similar fruit in india though.

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