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Rava (Wheat Semolina) Recipes

 Published 2012-Mar-27   Updated 2023-Aug-16
(Rava, Sooji, Bombay Rawa, Suji, Farina, Cream Of Wheat, Semolina, Cracked Wheat, Bulgar Wheat, Fada, Samba Godhumai, Lapsi, Dalia, Daliya, Couscous)

Rava, Wheat Semolina

Rava, also known as Bombay rava or Sooji is made by grinding husked wheat grains. It is a type of semolina, which is a general name given to any coarsely crushed grain. Bombay rava is the most commonly available form in India. In the Unites States, similar products are available under the name Farina, Cream of wheat or wheat semolina. These can all be used as a substitute to make the Indian dishes made with rava. There are also forms of semolina available for other grains like rice, corn (grits) etc. like the idli rava (made with rice), corn meal or corn rava etc. These can also be used as a substitute for rava.

Bombay rava is an extract of maida and is made from husked wheat. As a result it has low fiber content. A healthier variant is known as Cracked Wheat which is nothing but raw whole wheat grains cut or crushed into small bits. In India it is commonly available as Dalia or Lapsi or Samba Godhumai or Chamba Rava or Udaitha Godhumai.  If however, the wheat grain is steamed, parboiled, dried and then crushed; it is known as Bulgar Wheat or Broken Wheat. In India, broken wheat is also referred with the same name - dalia or lapsi in Hindi and Samba Rava or Udaitha Godhumai in Tamil. Another similar product that I have come across is the Couscous, which is made with a combination of wheat semolina and wheat flour.

I have shared many recipes using rava, cracked wheat, broken wheat and couscous below. They are used to make many savory dishes like idli, upma, pongal, pulav etc. Sweet dishes like kesari, kheer, cake, cookie and sweet pongal are also quite popular. You can use the recipes and try substituting with other similar products that are locally available. This will be especially useful for friends staying abroad.

Recipes With Bombay Rava

Rava Kesari Rava Kesari Mango Kesari Mango Kesari Rava Idli Rava Idli Rava Dosai Rava Dosai
Rava Pongal Rava Pongal Semiya Rava Idli/ Dosai Semiya Rava Idli/ Dosai Banana Idli Banana Idli Tricolour Rava Cake Tricolour Rava Cake
Rava Kichadi Rava Kichadi Rava Ladoo Rava Laddu (Type 1) Rava Cake Rava Cake Rava Bhajiya Rava Bhajiya
Rava Upma Rava Upma Upvas Cutlet Upvas Cutlet Saat Vad Saat Vadi Walnut Rava Cookies Walnut Rava Cookies
Rava Puttu Rava Puttu Vedi Cake (Tea Kadai Kajada)Vedi Cake (Tea Kadai Kajada) Caramel Rava Pudding Caramel Rava Pudding Rava Laddu (Type 2) Rava Laddu (Type 2)
Panipuri Panipuri Rava Kichadi Rava Kichadi Villupuram Upma Villupuram Upma  

Recipes With Cracked Wheat & Broken Wheat (Bulgur, Dalia, Lapsi, Samba Godhumai, Godhumai Rava)

Cracked Wheat

Broken Wheat Patties Broken Wheat Patties / Cutlets Lapsi Kitchdi Lapsi Kitchdi Lapsi Upma Lapsi Upma Cracked Wheat Biryani Cracked Wheat Biryani
Samba Godhumai Ven Pongal Samba Godhumai Ven Pongal      

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