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Traditional Tiffin Varieties

 Published 2012-Mar-17   Updated 2018-Mar-20
(Traditional Indian Tiffin Recipes)

Today I am going to take all of you into the black and white era; an era of wholesome, steamed and healthy food. In that era, grains were not opened from covers but from sacks where it was stored for the complete year. It was an era where spice powders did not come in sprinkler containers, but came freshly hand ground from the mortar and pestle. It was an era where the “Organic vegetables” did not come in paper bags but came directly plucked from the farm. Yes!! These recipes are the traditional foods that come from our grand mothers’ kitchen.

Wikipedia says Indian cuisine reflects a 8000 year history of groups and cultures interaction, leading to diversity of flavors and regional cuisines. If we notice, Indian cuisine dates backs to be more of vegetarian style of eating, comprising of bajra or pearl millet, rice, whole wheat flour and a variety of lentils along with vegetable, fruits and dairy products. The kinds of oils used were also dependent on the region of cooking. For an instance, people from Tamilnadu prefer to cook in sesame oil while people from Kerala preferred the coconut oil. The third is the method of cooking. Most of the recipes were steamed, which implies that they were healthy, oil and cholesterol free. Another important aspect of the traditional recipes is the use of different spices, which are mildly used yet impart a great flavor. 

Each of the recipes also has its spiritual and cultural affinity and are compulsorily made in some festivals. For an example on Ganesh chaturthi, is synonymous with kozhukattai which is made as an offering or prasad to god. Likewise, no festival lunch is complete without a medu vada on our plates. Ven pongal and Sakkara pongal are the dishes we find in all the houses on the pongal festival. Each dish that is written about has its own cultural and social affinity to our traditions. Let us not forget these age-old traditions, age old cultures and our traditional recipes. Cheers!! Happy cooking..

Traditional South Indian

Boiled Sweet Potatoes Boiled Sweet Potato Ragi Puttu Ragi Puttu Aval Nanachathu Aval Nanachathu (Sweet Poha) Aval Upma Aval Upma (Poha Upma)
Pidi Kolukattai Pidi Kolukattai Puttu Puttu Idli Idli Kuzhipaniyaram Kuzhipaniyaram
Rava Coconut Upma Rava Coconut Upma Idiyappam Idiyappam Sevai Sevai Pal Paniyaram Pal Paniyaram
Appam Appam Aapam without coconut Aapam without coconut Kotthu Barotta Kotthu Barotta Upma Kozhukattai Upma Kozhukattai
Sweet Pongal Sweet Pongal Medhu Vadai Medhu Vadai Kaara Kozhukattai Kaara Kozhukattai Kothamalli Sevai Kothamalli Sevai
Ragi Idli & Dosa Ragi Idli & Dosa Kappa Vevichathu Kappa Vevichathu Oats Kozhukattai Oats Kozhukattai Kambu Choru Kambu Choru
Kambu Koozh Kambu Koozh Unniappam Unniappam Vatalla appam Vatalla appam Vella Kozhakkattai Vella Kozhakkattai
Ragi Kuzhi Paniyaram Ragi Kuzhi Paniyaram Ven Pongal Ven Pongal Ammini Kozhukattai Ammini Kozhukattai Ammini Kozhukattai Spicy Ammini Kozhukattai Spicy
Ragi Idiyappam Ragi Idiyappam Ragi Sevai Ragi Sevai Ellu Kozhukattai
Ellu Kozhukattai
Mashed and Spiced Tapioca Kappa Kuzhachathu (Mashed and Spiced Tapioca)
Wheat Puttu with Atta Wheat Puttu with Atta Rava Puttu Rava Puttu Corn Puttu Corn Puttu Red Rice Puttu Red Rice Puttu
Black Rice Puttu Black Rice Puttu Bamboo Rice Puttu Bamboo Rice Puttu Whole Wheat Puttu Whole Wheat Puttu Idiyappam with Boiled Rice Idiyappam with Boiled Rice
Karupatti Pongal (Palm Jaggery Pongal) Karupatti Pongal (Palm Jaggery Pongal)      

Traditional North Indian

Khaman Dhokla Khaman Dhokla Tri-colour Rice Dhokla Rice Dhokla Plain Layered Paratha Plain Layered Paratha Alu Paratha Alu Paratha
Thalipeeth Thalipeeth Methi Thepla Methi Thepla Sabudhana Kichadi Sabudhana Kichadi Bhakri Bhakri

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I want to make the pothina (mint) rice please advise the method of cooking and required ingredients.
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Here is the recipe.

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