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Non Vegetarian Sidedishes

 Published 2012-Mar-16   Updated 2020-Apr-13
(Non-Veg Sides, Non-Vegetarian Dry Dishes, Meat Side-Dishes, Nonveg Side dishes)

Chicken Side Dishes

Chicken Lollypop Chicken Lollypop Nutty Chicken Nutty Chicken Chicken Roll Chicken Roll Chicken Sukha Chicken Sukha
Kerala Chicken Roast Kerala Chicken Roast Chilli Chicken Chili Chicken Curry Leaves Chicken Curry Leaves Chicken Chicken Tawa Chicken Tawa
Chicken Bartha Chicken Bartha Lemon Pepper Chicken Lemon Pepper Chicken Chicken Fry Chicken Fry Pepper Chicken Pepper Chicken
Pan Fried Chicken Pan Fried Chicken Fried Chicken like KFC Fried Chicken like KFC Achari Murg Achari Murg CKP style Fried Chicken CKP style Fried Chicken
Nattu Kozhi Uppu Varuval Nattu Kozhi Uppu Varuval Whole Roasted Chicken Whole Roasted Chicken Chicken And Vegetable Saute Chicken And Vegetable Saute Pan Seared Chicken Pan Seared Chicken
Scallion Chicken Scallion Chicken Chicken Tikka Kabab Chicken Tikka Kabab Tandoori Chicken Baked Tandoori Chicken Chicken Liver Fry Chicken Liver Fry
Rotisserie Tandoori Chicken Rotisserie Grilled Chicken      

Seafood & Fish Side Dishes (Fish, Crab, Shrimp, Prawns, Lobster, Squid)

Fish Puttu Sura Meen Puttu (Fish Scramble) Crispy Fried Calamari Crispy Fried Calamari Mussels Roast Mussels Roast Fish Fingers Fish Fingers
Baked Fish Baked Fish Fish Egg (Mullet Roe) Fry Fish Egg (Mullet Roe) Fry Lobster Masala Lobster Masala Grilled Fish Fish Fry/ Grilled Fish
Capsicum Fish Capsicum Fish Chilli Shrimp Chili Shrimp Fish Masala Fish Masala Ridgegourd Shrimp Masala Ridgegourd Shrimp Masala
Goan Fish Fry Goan Fish Fry Squid (Kanava) Thoran Squid (Kanava) Thoran Fish Peera Fish Peera Lemony Shrimp Lemony Shrimp
Crab Fry Crab Fry Crab Cakes Crab Cakes Fish Cutlet Fish Cutlet Prawns Masala Prawns Masala
Anchovies Fry Anchovies Fry No Image CKP style Fried Fish No Image Chili Garlic Prawns CKP Coconut Prawns CKP Coconut Prawns
Meen PollichathuMeen Pollichathu Dill Prawns Masala Dill Prawns Masala    

Egg Side Dishes

Egg Fry Masala Egg Fry Masala Hard Boiled Eggs Hard Boiled Eggs Indian Style Omelette Indian Style Omelette Spanish Omlette Spanish Omlette
Cauliflower Egg Burjee Cauliflower Egg Burjee Sunny Side Up Fried Egg Sunny Side Up Fried Egg (Bulls Eye) Capsicum Egg Bhurji Capsicum Egg Bhurji Asparagus Bhurjee Asparagus Bhurjee
Broccoli Bhurji Broccoli Bhurji Egg Potato Avial Egg Potato Avial Carrot Egg Bhurji Carrot Egg Bhurji Kalaki Omelette Kalaki Omelette

Mutton Side Dishes (Goat, Lamb)

Mutton Pepper Masala Mutton Pepper Masala Mutton SukkaMutton Sukka Mutton FryMutton Fry Mutton Kola Urundai Mutton Kola Urundai

Turkey Side Dishes

Tandoori Turkey Tandoori Turkey Chicken / Turkey 65 Chicken/Turkey 65    

Quail Side Dishes

Quail 65 Kaadai (Quail) 65      

Rabbit Side Dishes

Rabbit Masala Rabbit Masala      

Kheema (Ground Meat) Side Dishes

Kheema Matar Kheema Matar      

Beef Side Dishes

Beef Fry Beef Fry Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry Beef KebabsBeef Kebabs  

Pork Side Dishes

Kerala Style Pork Masala Pork Masala      

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Person   ()
Hi I have tried your recipes of Beef Curry, Dhaba style Mutton & Beef & veg stir fry. I am very new to cooking but your recipes are very easy to follow & all were very very delicious
Person   ()
Thank you for your comments. Its very encouraging.

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