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Pressure Cooker Recipes

 Published 2015-Feb-14   Updated 2018-Feb-01
(Stove top Indian pressure cooker recipes)

A week ago, I attended my school alumni function. It had been many years that I passed out but have never attended a single alumni meet.  I had wanted to show my school to my children since a long time, and the alumni meet was a perfect opportunity to be seized. The meeting was amazing, and I was thrilled to show my class rooms to my children and they were equally excited. An AV was run in every class room depicting how times have changed from 90’s to today. In one of the AV, they had showed the famous actors of 90s and their stint in the advertising world. One of the most popular ads of those times was that of Mahima chaudri starring in Hawkins pressure cooker advertisement. The beauty of her was compared to the looks of pressure cooker via a song. It then struck me about the numerous advertisements that have been made so creatively for pressure cookers. The recent one being “Jo biwi se kare pyaar woh prestige se kaise kare inkaar”. It is as obvious as a pressure cooker is the most commonly used kitchen utensil in every Indian kitchen.

There is practically no kitchen especially in India which does not have a pressure cooker. Cooking in a pressure cooker has multiple advantages. The numero Uno being many items like rice, pulses, and vegetables can be cooked in the same time in a jiffy. It makes cooking faster and simpler. The other advantage is all the nutrients are well retained due to pressure cooking which could otherwise be lost due to over cooking in an open pan. When we cook a biryani or dal in pressure cooker, in addition to the nutrients all the essential flavors are also retained. There is also a third advantage which is my favorite. It minimizes the number of vessels used for cooking to a large extent. (It is so helpful especially when the maids are on leave)  Pressure cookers also serve as ovens for baking. So, we can generously use for cookers for baking cakes for our loved ones. So, set out to cook in the magic wand, oops!!! Pressure cooker (actually it’s the same) and have a relaxed Sunday. Cheers!!

Some Tips on Pressure Cooking

  • Do not use the same cooker for baking and steaming. Use a separate cooker exclusively for baking for safety concerns.
  • Put a very small amount of tamarind in water in pressure cooker while cooking. This will prevent the darkening of pressure cooker bottom and will make the cleaning easier.
  • Regularly service your cookers when there is a steam leak or any other issues to maintain safety while cooking.

Recipes Using Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Mango Cake Pressure Cooker Mango Cake Dal Dal Chicken Biryani Chicken Biryani Chana Biryani Chana Biryani
Methi Lauki Dal Methi Lauki Dal Kozhi Rasam Kozhi Rasam White Rice White Rice (Steamed Rice) Jeera Pulav Jeera Pulav
Mutton Biryani Mutton Biryani Beef Biryani Beef Biryani    

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