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Sattvic Diet (No-Onion No-Garlic Food)

 Published 2015-Jan-31   Updated 2017-Jan-30
(Satvik Diet, Sattvic Food, Yoga Diet, No onion No garlic diet, Jain food, Satvika)

More than 40% of the households in India follow a strict vegetarian diet. On auspicious days, most Hindus, especially the Brahmans do not include onions and garlic in their diet. Those who are practicing Jain culture follows an even stricter diet which prohibits them from eating onion, garlic, mushrooms, yeast, other root and tubers like potatoes etc. This kind of diet is also promoted by Ayurveda as being good for the body. This kinds of diet is popularly known as the Sattvic Diet or Satvika Food or Jain Diet or Yoga Diet.

The other foods that are encouraged in the Sattvic diet are plenty of water, whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fresh milk, ghee (clarified butter), yogurt, honey and jaggery. Meat, eggs and any food that includes traces of egg is a strict no no.

In this section, I would like to share some of the common recipes that can be prepared in sattvic style with no onion and no garlic. People who are not strict followers of sattvic diet can also try this once in a while for a change.

Sattvic Breakfast & Tiffin Varieties

Idli Idli Dosa Dosa Oats Idli / Dosa Oats Idli / Dosa Ragi Idli / Dosa Ragi Idli / Dosa
Chapati Chapati Poori Poori Mix Sprouts Adai Mix Sprouts Adai Neer Dosai Neer Dosai
Ragi Roti Ragi Roti Tomato Dosa Tomato Dosa Pooran Poli Pooran Poli Little Millet Rice - Samai Sadam Little Millet Rice (Samai Sadam)
Pita Bread Pita Bread Ragi Sevai Ragi Idiyappam(Noodles) Tumbler Idli Tumbler Idli Mallige Idli (Kushboo Idli) Mallige Idli (Kushboo Idli)

Sattvic Rice Varieties

Coconut Rice Coconut Rice Lemon Rice Lemon Rice Ellu Sadam Ellu Sadam Mango Rice Mango Rice
Curd Rice Curd Rice Curry Leaf Rice Curry Leaf Rice Jeera Pulav Jeera Pulav  

Sattvic Style Curries and Side-dishes

Watermelon Curry Watermelon Curry Moru Kootan Moru Kootan Paruppu Urundai Kulambu Paruppu Urundai Kulambu Molakootal Molakootal
Bhindi Fry Bhindi Fry Olan Olan Kootu Curry Kootu Curry Puli Inghi Puli Inghi
Thalakam Thalakam Bittergourd Pitlai Bittergourd Pitlai Manathakkali Uppadan Manathakkali Uppadan Horsegram Curry Horsegram Curry
Peanut Curry Peanut Curry Steamed Broccoli Steamed Broccoli Bhendi Bhaja Bhendi Bhaja Keerai Masiyal Keerai Masiyal
Guar Fry Guar Fry Instant Moru Curry Instant Moru Curry Authentic Kashmiri Dum Aloo Kashmiri Dum Aloo  

Sattvic Snacks

Murukku Murukku Ribbon Pakoda Ribbon Pakoda Boli (Puran Poli) Boli (Puran Poli) Parippu Vada (without onion) Parippu Vada (without onion)
Bajji Bajji Peanut Sundal Peanut Sundal Kothimbir Wadi Kothimbir Wadi Rava Cake Rava Cake
Roasted Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana Namkeen) Roasted Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana) Butter Corn Butter Corn Sweet Black Gram Sundal Sweet Black Gram Sundal Chana Masala Sundal Chana Masala Sundal

Sattvic Deserts

Kheer Varieties (Payasam)

Vaazhakka Pradhaman Vaazhakka Pradhaman Cucumber Kheer Cucumber Kheer (Vellarikkai Payasam) Tender Coconut Phirni Tender Coconut Phirni Chena Kilangu Payasam Chena Kilangu Payasam
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Halwa Varieties(Sheera)

Spaghetti Squash Halwa Spaghetti Squash Halwa Perad Perad (Guava Halwa) Pumpkin Pie Halwa Pumpkin Pie Halwa Diet Pumpkin Halwa Diet Pumpkin Halwa
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Other Sattvic Deserts

Aamras Aamras Tender Coconut Smoothie Tender Coconut Smoothie Palm Fruit Milkshake Palm Fruit Milkshake Masala Buttermilk Masala Buttermilk

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its amazing!
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Thank You.
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Its amazing!
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Thank You.
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Very impressive. We are based in Canada and would like to introduce Sattvic food supplies.please advise to start.
Person   ()
Do you mean ready to eat food?? or raw material? If you want to find raw material, you can try in any Indian grocery stores..
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This is a legend internet page. Such great content. Thank you so much. I love it!
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Thanks a ton for your appreciation. It means a lot.
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I love seasonal vegetarian home made food either boiled or roasted . Right time, Right quantity, Right environments for eating is very important for me. This is my choice of food. Again grain/ leafs ratio I prefer to be 40/60 percents. Again I prefer food items from organic farm. thank you to give me an oppotunity to share my personal view in your very useful block.
thank you.
manubhai jagatchela
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Its always good to eat healthy to keep yourself fit and cheerful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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