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Kerala Recipes

 Published 2012-Mar-16   Updated 2020-Apr-21
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Kerala is a small state in South India that is known as 'God's own country'. It is a fertile land with many small water bodies and greenery all around. You can find coconut trees, paddy fields, banana plantations, cashew trees and rubber plantations everywhere. Another name for Kerala is 'Land of spices' since many spices are cultivated and exported from here.

The cuisine of Kerala is known for its abundant use of these spices and coconut. It has many popular vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Malayalees have a wide range of special dishes from tiffin varieties, snacks, payasams, fish and meat preparations, most of which are unique to the place. On special occasion, people of kerala indulge in exotic dishes. On the other hand, they also enjoy simple comfort food like moru (spiced buttermilk), kanji (rice gruel) and kappa (boiled tapioca). 

Their feast known as the sadya, made mainly during Onam includes a huge spread of different side dishes, curries and sweets. I have shared in detail about the Kerala Sadhya here. Non vegetarian feast also includes a variety of meat preparations - chicken, beef and pork. This is popular especially among the Christians and Muslims (except pork). There are also many famous non-vegetarian dishes that originated in the Malabar region of Kerala which includes the famous Thalassery Biryani, Malabar Chicken Curry etc. Another common scene in most Kerala tourist places is their fish dishes. Karimeen (Pearlspot) fry is popular even among foreigners. They also make many different pradhamans (kheer varieties). Banana plant is a common sight throughout Kerala. Banana leaf is used to serve the meal in hotels, for special occasion and even in homes. Banana leaf is also used to wrap and cook many dishes like Kozhukatta, meen pollichathu, Ilai appam etc. 

Below is a huge list of 100+ authentic traditional Kerala recipes. Do try them and make your own sadhya at home.

Kerala Breakfast & Tiffin Recipes

Puttu Puttu Malabar Erachi Puttu Malabar Erachi Puttu Wheat Puttu with Atta Wheat Puttu with Atta Rava Puttu Rava Puttu
Appam Appam Aapam without coconut Aapam without coconut Ari Nice Pathiri Ari Nice Pathiri Kappa Biriyani Kappa Biriyani
Orotti Orotti Nool Puttu Nool Puttu Parotta Parotta Aval Upma Aval Upma
Mashed and Spiced Tapioca Kappa Kuzhachathu (Mashed and Spiced Tapioca) Corn Puttu Corn Puttu Red Rice Puttu Red Rice (Chuvanna Ari) Puttu Bamboo Rice Puttu Mulayari Puttu
Whole Wheat Puttu Gothambu Puttu Paal Kolukattai Paal Kolukattai Sigappu Arisi Kozhukattai Sigappu Arisi Kozhukattai Ragi Aapam Ragi Aapam
Aapam with Rice Flour Aapam (with Rice Flour)      

Kerala Curries and Side-Dishes

Aviyal Aviyal Cucumber Pachadi Cucumber Pachadi Moru Curry Moru Curry (Pulissery) Fish Curry Fish Curry
Ulli Theeyal Ulli Theeyal Fish Molee Fish Molee Parippu Curry Parippu Curry Meen Peera Meen Peera
Potato Stew Potato Stew Fish Mappas Fish Mappas Bittergourd Theeyal Bittergourd Theeyal Beef Stew Beef Stew
Kadala Curry Kadala Curry Molakootal Molakootal Olan Olan Kootu Curry Kootu Curry
Puli Inghi Puli Inghi Chukumanam Chukumanam Podimeen Varuthathu Podimeen Varuthathu Pacha Manga Kichadi Pacha Manga Kichadi
Naadan Chicken Curry Naadan Chicken Curry Malabar Chicken Curry Malabar Chicken Curry Pineapple Pulissery Pineapple Pulissery Manathakkali Vathal Kulambu Manathakkali Vathal Kulambu
Raw Papaya Curry Raw Papaya Curry Mango Ginger Pachadi Mango Ginger Pachadi Broccoli Mezhukkupuratti Broccoli Mezhukkupuratti Rasakalan Rasakalan
Vazhakkai Poriyal Kaaya Thoran (Raw Banana Stir Fry) Omelette Omelette Prawns JackFruit Seeds Curry Chemmeen Chakkakuru Curry Kerala Style Mango Pachadi Kerala Style Mango Pachadi
Cheeni Avarakkai Mezhukkupuratti Cheeni Avarakkai Mezhukkupuratti Thenga Chammanthi Thenga Chammanthi Sambara Podi Sambara Podi Mango Flower Pachadi Mango Flower Pachadi
Nellika Achaar Nellika Achaar South Indian Egg Masala South Indian Egg Masala Mushroom Thoran Mushroom Thoran Kerala Chicken Roast Kerala Chicken Roast
Banana Stem Pickle Vazhaipindi Achar Fish Puttu Sura Meen Puttu (Fish Scramble) Fried Egg Bulls Eye Egg Vadu Mangai Kadumanga Achar
Mango Onion Chutney Paccha Maanga Chammandhi Instant Mango Pickle Instant Mango Pickle Egg Potato Avial Egg Potato Avial Everyday Dal Parippu Curry
Zucchini Cucumber Pachadi Zucchini Cucumber Pachadi Lemon Curry Lemon Curry Pavakka Thoran Pavakka Thoran Pavakka Kichadi Pavakka Kichadi
Chicken Liver Fry Chicken Liver Fry Spring Onion Poriyal Ulli Ila Thoran Mixed Vegetable Theeyal Mixed Vegetable Theeyal Ginger Curry Inji Curry (Theeyal)
Mussels Roast Kallumakkaya Roast Snow Peas Poriyal Snow Peas Thoran Clove Beans Poriyal Nithya Vazhuthananga Thoran Mango Ginger & Raw Turmeric Moru Curry Mango Ginger & Raw Turmeric Moru Curry
Pumpkin Tamarind Curry Mathanga Pulinkari Mango Pulissery Mambazha Pulissery Chammandhi PodiChammandhi Podi Muringakka Thoran Muringakka Thoran
Chakkakuru Manga Muringaka Curry Chakkakuru Manga Muringaka Curry Kottayam style Fish Curry Meen Mulakkitathu Meen PollichathuMeen Pollichathu Mixed Vegetable Stew Mixed Vegetable Stew
Egg Potato Stew Egg Potato Stew Yellow Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambu Mathanga Pulissery Snake Gourd Theeyal Snake Gourd Theeyal Kerala Style Pork Masala Pork Masala
Papadam Thoran Papadam Thoran      

Kerala Snack Recipes

Unniappam Unniappam Avalose Podi Avalose Podi Kappa Vevichathu Kappa Vevichathu Pazham Pori Pazham Pori
Sukhiyan Sukhiyan Rose Cookies Achappam Aval Nanachathu Aval Nanachathu Nenthrakaya Upperi Nenthrakaya Upperi
Sarkaravaratti Upperi
Sarkaravaratti Upperi
Boli Boli Boiled Sweet Potatoes Boiled Sweet Potato Thaen Mittai Thaen Mittai
Chicken Cutlet Chicken Cutlet Sweet Wheat Bonda Undan Pori Chakka Appam Chakka Appam Ilai Appam Ilai Appam
Vedi Cake (Tea Kadai Kajada)Vedi Cake (Chaaya Kada Vettu Cake) Modhakam Modhakam    

Kerala Desserts

Ada Pradhaman Ada Pradhaman Parippu Pradhaman Parippu Pradhaman Chakka Pradhaman Chakka Pradhaman Nentharapazha Pradhaman Nentharapazha Pradhaman
Mampazha Pradhaman Mampazha Pradhaman Pazham Nurukku
Pazham Nurukku
Banana Stem payasam Vazhapindi Pradhaman Kesari Rava Kesari
Semiya Payasam Semiya Payasam Chakka Varatti Chakka Varatti Kadalai Paruppu Payasam Kadalai Paruppu Payasam Pink Palada Payasam Pink Palada Payasam

Kerala Beverages

Sambharam Sambharam Chukku Kapi Chukku Kapi Tender Coconut Shake Tender Coconut Shake Palm Fruit Milkshake Pana Nangu Milkshake
Masala Buttermilk Masala Sambharam Kanji Vellam Kanji Vellam Banana Stem Juice Vazhaipindi Juice Hibiscus Tea Hibiscus Tea

Kerala Condiments

Beef Pickle Beef Pickle Kanthari Uppilittathu (Bird's Eye Chili Pickle) Kanthari Uppilittathu    

Other Kerala Recipes

Cooking Kerala Matta Rice Kerala Kuthari Choru Onam Sadya Onam Sadya Malabar Prawns Biryani Malabar Prawns Biryani Homemade Rice Flour Ari Podi
Kanyakumari Pothi ChoruPothi Choru Malabar Chicken Biryani Malabar Chicken Biryani Ghee Rice Ghee Rice Beef Biryani Beef Biryani

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Thank you for taking the time to post these recipes. Finally have time to try and get back in touch with some South Indian recipes.
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Please do try all the recipes when you get time... Its a great feeling when you are able to make your own favourite dishes.
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Thank you for taking the time to post these recipes. Finally have time to try and get back in touch with some South Indian recipes.
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Excellent recipes very easy to convey to us thank u
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Thank you for your kind words.
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Excellent recipes very easy to convey to us thank u
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Excellent recipes very easy to convey to us thank u
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Excellent recipes very easy to convey to us thank u
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tasty recipes
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What fruit is Malayalam Matti pazham?
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Here is the way I make Pineapple Payasam Try it and enjoy.

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