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Left Over Recipes

 Published 2012-Apr-16   Updated 2017-Mar-28
(Recycling leftover Indian food, Recipes with leftover bread, rice, rotis, idlis, upma and side dishes, Don't Waste Food)

Are you among those who do not like to waste food? Are you breaking your heat thinking What to do with the leftover food? . I believe that's the right thing to do. Our motto is to encourage everyone to cook and eat healthy food at home. At the same time it is important that you find smart ways to use up the left overs.

It is not practical to make a perfect amount of food every time. Left over food is very common, especially when you have guests at home. In those days, my grandmother used to give the left over food to some poor people who gladly take it. These days it is difficult to find people who are in need of food here in India. Thanks to our developing country - everyone has food. That doesn't give us excuse to throw away the left overs. There are millions of people still starving in some other part of our country or the world. Indirectly, the food we waste causes a global food imbalance and contributes to starvation. How? Yes, the more food gets wasted, the food demand increases which results in higher price for food. This higher price is a luxury for many people who cannot afford.

To avoid food wastage, it doesn't necessarily have to be reheating and eating the same food again. That might be boring to everyone. Many people have a good motive and promptly refrigerate left overs. At the next meal, they find it so boring to eat the same thing. There are also other dishes which looses its taste and texture on reheating. Do not worry. You can convert them into interesting and delicious new dishes. Here in this page you can find many (40+) innovative ways of using up your left over everyday food like idli, rice, roti, curries etc. Try them and clean up your refrigerator.

Recipes with leftover Idlis

Curd Idli Curd Idli Fried Idlis Fried Idlis Sambhar Idli Sambhar Idli Masala Idli Masala Idli
Chilli Egg Idli Chilli Egg Idli Idli Upma Idli Upma    

Recipes with leftover Roti (Chapati)

Kothu Barotta Kothu Barotta Masala Roti Masala Roti Roti Porridge Roti Porridge  

Recipes with leftover Bread

Bread Pudding Bread Pudding Bread Chaat Bread Chaat Chilli Bread Chilli Bread Shahi Tukda Shahi Tukda
Bread ka Upma Bread ka Upma Bread Poha Bread Poha Bread Pakoda Bread Pakoda  

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Comments (20)

Person   ()
I am a student and i always want something easy and tasty to eat. Thanks a lot for the simple recipes.
Person   ()
Thanks Swapnil.
Person   ()
What should I do with left over cutlet mix of potato peas and bread?? Nobody at home wants to eat cutlet or cutlet Frankie
Person   ()
You could stuff it and make masala dosa. It can also be stuffed in bread to make sandwiches. It can also be made into samosas with some homemade or store bought wrappers.
Person   ()
I have leftover chicken marinated in curd, haldi salt and pepper that i used to make chicken curry but could not use some of the marinated chicken due to excess quantity. Please suggest what I can do
Person   ()
You could add some additional spices and make tandoori chicken.
Person   ()
I have cut mixed vegetables like Potato, Beans, Carrot, mushrooms, baby corn etc..they are raw and ket in water in the fridge. What can I do with it?
Person   ()
You can make vegetable biryani (, vegetable kurma ( or mixed veg. poriyal (
Person   ()
This is a great idea - sustainability and health combined! Thank you so much! :)
Person   ()
Thank you very much for the appreciation.
Person   ()
Ammaaa. Yummmmmaaaaa
Person   ()
Person   ()
I loved the recipe with left over rice tomato rice was so yummmyyy
Person   ()
Glad to hear that Pravitha.
Person   ()
Please suggest recipes using leftover roti/wheat dough
Person   ()
Recipes with leftover rotis are already there - the second section.
Person   ()
I like different type s of idlis.. Curd,masala,fried totally different.. I like it..
Person   ()
Thank You.
Person   ()
VERY GOOD.....................
Person   ()
Thank you so much..

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