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 Published 2012-Mar-25   Updated 2017-Dec-14
(Pudhina, Green Mint)

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Mint or Pudhina is a herb which is a very important ingredient in the Indian dishes. Mint leaves are rich in Vitamin A,Vitamin C and Iron. It is highly recommended for men who has less sperm count. It also has Manganese which is essential for brain. Mint cures the bad odour from mouth. It also removes the flum in the respiratory track.It helps in easy digestion and prevents constipation.It helps in weight loss.It controls wheezing and cold.It also prevents migraines.

Apart from consuming, mint leaves could be made as a paste and applied on face.It removes the sun tan and enhances the skin complexion.It can also be applied on the face to control acnes. Minthol oil helps in curing headaches & nipple pain while breastfeeding babies.It is a good mosquito repellent.

Mint is used in flavouring dishes like biryani, lemonade and tea. It is also used as a main ingredient in making some dishes like mint chutney and mint rice. It has a very refreshing taste and is best during summer days. So here are some recipes using mint leaves.

Recipes With Mint

Mint Chutney Mint Chutney Green Chutney Green Chutney Green Chicken Green Chicken Herbal Pasta Herbal Pasta
Raspberry Mint Lassi Raspberry Mint Lassi Chicken Biriyani Chicken Biryani Green Chutney Sandwich Green Chutney Sandwich Mint Coriander Rice Mint Coriander Rice
Herbal Juice Herbal Juice ricolour Idli and Dosa Tricolour Idli and Dosa Mint Coriander Chutney Mint Coriander Chutney  

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