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Mutton (Goat, Lamb)

 Published 2012-Mar-26   Updated 2020-Feb-25
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Mutton is the common name used to refer goat meat in India. In America, sheep meat is commonly found in supermarkets instead of goat meat. Any sheep below the age of one is referred to as 'Lamb' and the adult sheep is called 'Mutton'. I have tried making all Indian dishes using both goat meat and sheep meat. It tastes similar. 

In India, there is no distinction based on the age of the goat. When you go to the butcher shop, you will have to visually judge to find if the goat is a young one or adult. Young goats have a pinkish colored flesh whereas adult goats have a deeper red colored flesh. Young tender goats take lesser time to cook as well as taste good.

Mutton is also classified as 'red meat' but it has much lower cholestrol and fat as compared to beef. Mutton is used in baking, soups and many other dishes around the world. Mutton has a stronger smell and taste compared to chicken.  In India many different types of curries are made. Mutton Biryani is a must in buffets, restaurants and wedding. People who love mutton cannot have any other types of biryani. 

Below I have shared many different recipes using mutton. The only thing to take care is to cook the meat until tender. A pressure cooker usually makes this job easy. 

Recipes With Mutton

Mutton Masala Mutton Pepper Masala Shahi Mutton Shahi Mutton Mutton Biryani Mutton Biryani Mutton Curry Mutton Curry
Malabar Erachi Puttu Malabar Erachi Puttu Mutton FryMutton Fry Mutton Paya Mutton Paya Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani
Dhaba Mutton Curry Dhaba Style Mutton Curry Mutton SukkaMutton Sukka No Photo Mutton Ridge Gourd Curry Mutton Kola Urundai Mutton Kola Urundai
Broccoli Rice and Meat Casserole Broccoli Rice & Meat Casserole Attukal Soup Attukal Soup    

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