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Old Comments

Comment by sugandhi dixit
I went thro' your website for the first time and felt very interesting. I have almost seen 15 of your recipes and promised myself to try many of them in near future. Many of the names that i heard in my childhood and tasted in mom's house got refreshed from your website. Thank you so much. will post you after trying them.
Reply :-
    Thank you so much. Do try the recipes and give your comments.

Comment by Mary Moret
    Hello - I just bought "potato pipe" which looks like a tube pasta about 1/2 inch long. Also something Fry Me (Pillow Shape) Faites-friremoi which looks like 1 inch by 1/4 inch noodle with rectangular hole in it. I asked the shop keeper how to cook and she said to fry them.
Do you have any idea what I can do with these items. I really do not like to do much frying.
Thank you! Mary

Reply :-
    Hi Mary, I haven't tried both the potato pipe or  Fry Me (Pillow Shape) Faites-friremoi. So I'm not able to help out. I once got rice tubes which is also meant for frying. I tried frying them in the microwave with a little oil spray. It turned out pretty good.

Comment by devaram padmaja
dear friends,
i would like to send the details about "how to prepare healthy dishes,which are useful for our fitness of health."

Reply :-
    Hi Padmaja, Please do send them. It will surely be helpful to everyone.

Comment by Lathika Sathish
    I am newly married. I dont known to cook at all. am going to try ur recipes today. send me more recipes to my mail id.

Reply :-
    Hi Latika, I've sent you the invitation to join my mailing list. Do try the recipes and feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

Comment by  raji ramakrishnan
hi Dahlia
God Bless u.
I am Raji Ramakrishnan, basically from Trichur Dist Kerala, residing in Mumbai since 1978. my hobby is making rangolis but due to my son's demand for different varieties of food, i am trying various options to cook. this made me to go through various sites looking out for recipes and came through your site too. I
i had shared my recipes which you had very kindly posted in your site for which i am thankful to you.
Today only i could read about u and your team.
After going through the site, i was so happy because all the recipes by you and your team are very simple and sweet to follow.
Keep up the good work.
god bless u and your team.

Reply :-
    Hi Raji, I've lived in Mumbai for few years during my childhood days. I started making recipes simpler coz my family needs varieties of food 3 times a day. I try to make different dishes without slogging in the kitchen for long.
    I'm glad the recipes have been useful to you. Thanks for sharing your recipes. It will surely be useful to many.

Comment by Vasavi Ramesh
    Your dishes are simply super.i tried some recipes like vadakurry,kurma,etc.plz post ur new dishes

Reply :-
    Thanks Vasavi. I keep uploading new recipes every week. Keep trying new recipes.

Comment by Samia Datoo
Hi Dhalia!
    It's nice to hear from you.Tkx a lot for your invitation.I will be delighted to receive and try new recipes.Yes Im interested in both dry and green beans. I do like chickpeas but I don't know how to make varieties and my husband do like dishes with coconut milk powder as well. Please do let me know if you could help me and I will definitely try the two links you gave. Tkx in advance.

Reply :-
    Here are some recipes with chikpeas.

Comment by Samia Datoo
    Hi Im new to indian cookery and I would like to learn good recipes.I liked you site. It's so appealing.Could you please send me some beans recipes??? and could you pass me your email address and keep me informed if you have any new recipes to try...
Tkx a lot and all the best.

Reply :-
    Hi Samia, Thank you for your interest. I'll send you the invitation to join my mailing list. You will receive recipes in your inbox.
    Did you mean green beans or dry beans?? Here are some recipes with green beans and some with dried beans.

Comment by uday barbar
    just go on adding simple recipes. Dont change information pattern in the site. This is great site for beginners and for many. You have recipes for every one, like elders , for diet conscious ,for working couple,for kids etc. Totally fulfilling everyone's needs. Dont add the complicated recipes or those recipes for which ingredients are not easily available..
I wonder sitting in USA how do you manage such a good website?

Reply :-
    Thank you so much for your encouragement. Many more quick recipes are yet to come.

Comment by jinitha thomas
    keep up the good work.Practical and well tested recepies.God bless you all

Reply :-
    Thank You so much for your kind words.

Comment by haladikempu manava
Hi Dear,
Rava dosa was first introduced in hotels in south Karnataka.
It appears as if you are biased regarding food of Tamilnadu.
I believe that guys have directly flew to US directly from Tamil nadu!! Its just a joke!
I wish you had explored more about the dishes of Karnataka too. If not, write to me and contact me if you are in Bengaluru.
I shall take you to the good places and get some good food.
Ofcourse, not the same as you wld get in TN!

Reply :-
    Thanks for all the information. I will try to add more karnataka recipes in future.

Comment by uday barbari
    I never made even a cup of tea, occasionally when i visited this website i am delighted to see nice simple step by step recipes that any one can cook. it is really useful for beginner. Actually i can say if one study your website with interest, he can survive any part of the world with opening indian restaurant. Whole of the indian kitchen is available in your website.
By reading some simple recipes i am curious to do at home.
Reply :-
    Thank You so much for your kind words of encouragement. Do try the recipes and ask if you have any doubts.

Comment by Saima Khan
    How can I get my favourite recipes in my inbox?
Reply :-
    I've sent you the invitation to join my mailing group. You will receive recipes in your inbox whenever a new recipe is added.

Comment by Namagiri Sridhar
Do you know any recipes with lemongrass stick?
Reply :-
    Hi, You can make Lemongrass Rasam. Follow the recipe for normal rasam. Add the lemon grass pieces along with the tomatoes and cook it in some water for few minutes. Then continue with adding the tamarind etc etc.

Comment by Nandini Karthik
Iam nandini from bangalore i would like to get new recepies please send me that if any charges are there to pay i maready to pay
Reply :-
    Hi Nandini,
    There are no charges.I'll send you the invitation to join my mailing list. You will receive new recipes in your mailbox.

Comment by Namagiri Sridhar
    Hi Chef
    I really like indian 2 minute noodles. But I know that whole grain spaghetti pasta is more healthy. I would always wonder if one could impart noodles flavor in spaghetti. can you try something like that ? A recipe for that would be awesome.
Reply :-
    I haven't tried to get the exact noodles flavour in Spaghetti. Most instant noodles contains ajinomoto. Since I am allergic to MSG, i don't use it in cooking. You can try the different pasta recipes with spaghetti though.

Comment by Azra K
    hi i want to know about fish chatni
Reply :-
    Hi Azra, To make fish chutney first pan fry any dried fish till it crispy. Roast 2-3 tblsp of coconut, 3-4 small onions, 2-3 cloves of garlic, small piece os tamarind,1 spring curry leaves and 4-5 dry red chillies in some oil. Grind all the roasted ingredients along with the fried fish to a smooth paste. Enjoy the chutney.

Comment by vinupriya loganathan
    Hi! i like to get all updates
Reply :-
    Sure Vinupriya. I'll send you the invitation to join my mailing list.

Comment by Neha Shakti Agarwal
    Hi!your receipes r really vry nice..since i luv cooking n eating too,i'll keep checking ur blog..can u plz give me the receipe of 'gatta-pulao'.i guess itz a marwari dish.thank u..
Reply :-
    Hi Neha, Thank you for your interest. Keep trying new recipes. I'm not sure of gatta pulao recipe but I'll try to get it from one of my friend.

Comment by Monik Garg
    I love your receipes. I too have some delicious receipies that I would like to share through your portal. They are interesting Himachal dishes :)
Reply :-
    Hi Monik,
    Thanks for visiting my site. You can more than welcome to share your recipes. I love trying new dishes. You can send the recipe with a picture (if possible) to my mail id I'll upload it immediately in the site.

Comment by Reni R
    Hey Doll hope you doing good. can u get me the recipe for rice halwa.
Reply :-
    Sure will try to add soon.

Comment by Roshni harish
    please send me the recipe of simple gobi manchuri
Reply :-
    Here's the recipe for gobi manchurian

Comment by Prateek Srivastava
    Hi....We wish to promote our Automobile related Products/Services on your website....
In this regard could you please have someone contact me
Thanx & Regards
Prateek Srivastava
Reply :-
    Hi Prateek, This is a cooking website. Do you think promoting auntomobile products here is going to be helpful?

Comment by zubdu zubdu
    Please email to recipes.Thank you.
Reply :-
    I'll send you the invitation to join the mailing list.

Comment by Nupur Mehra
    Hi , Very nice Website. Loved the recipes with nice pics. Can I post my recipes here ?..
Please tell me how
Reply :-
    Thank you Nupur. Sorry for such a delayed reply. I'd been to India on vacation for the last 3 months.
You are welcome to post your recipes. You can send me the recipe and the picture to this email. I'll upload it immediately.

Comment by Shanthi Athishankar
    Its all very nice and useful for working people.
Can send me Rasam Recipes..?
Reply :-
    Here are some rasam varieties

Comment by Jagdeep Ahuja
    let me know the your books prices and Discount please.
Reply :-
    I haven't authored any books till now. Thank you.

Comment by Revz Satya
    i tried your recipes ...liked them a lot..thanks a lot.
I'm yet to try the others :)
Reply :-

Comment by handresh Shah
    Actually I have been impressed by the varieties of all dishes. I am in fact thinking of making and marketing varity of chutneys. I am looking for some consultant who can give me some packaging and preservation ideas for the indian chutneys. Can you suggest some one in this line.
Reply :-
    I'm sorry Handresh, I do not know anyone.

Comment by Anu Muthu
    It is a lovely website. Thanks
Reply :-
    Thank you Anu.

Comment by mary sunitha
    How to make besi bela bath
Reply :-
    Hi Mary, I will be upload the recipe of the traditional Bisi Bela Bath soon. Here's the recipe os instant sambhar sadam

Comment by Kaeli Sweigard
    Hi there, I am wondering if there are any recipes you could recommend that are vegetarian and do not require cooking?
Thank you so much!
Reply :-
    Hi Kaeli, Here are some vegetarian salad recipes that require no cooking.

Comment by Judith Jancy
    hi dahlia,
    plz sent me some recent recipes.
Reply :-
    Hi Judith, I've added you to my mailing list. You will receive recipes in your mailbox.

Comment by Sheetal raheja
    love your recipes..
Reply :-
    Thank You.

Comment by saarah khan
    I HAVE A MICROWAVE IN THIS I dont have tamperature indicator.It show powerrange.So if I have to cook pizza what should I do
Reply :-
    Hi Saarah, Each microwave is different. Try using the hightest temperature setting for the pizza. After few trial and error, you will find the right setting.

Comment by amina salam
    please send me recipes for kids lunch box,easy vegetable curries and snacks that can be made when guests arrive without informing
Reply :-
    Hi Amina, Check these links for lunch box recipes and instant recipes.
Hope this helps you.

Comment by parvathy s
    can u send me some healthy and easy-to-cook snack recipes for children
Reply :-
    Hi Parvathy, Just browse through these. You may find something interesting.

Comment by jumana pardiwalla
    plz send me new recipes veg and non-veg except pork.
Reply :-
    Sure. I've added you to my mailing list. You will receive recipes in your mailbox whenever a new one is added.

Comment by Aarti Sharma
    Hi can you help me with receipes for karela, tinde, long beans and dhoodhi/loki.
Reply :-
    Hi Aarti, From the menu go to "Recipes By Ingredients" and click on any vegetable name to see all the recipes with that vegetable.

Comment by fatema j
    what do you mean by all purpose flour to be used while making pasta? is it maida or corn flour
Reply :-
    Its maida.

Comment by Gwendolyn Carter
    Need help with how to use gobi matan masala and
murgh curry masala. I am from New Orleans and jus
just recently introduced to these spices and
would like to know how to use them in my dishes of
of fish, pasta, chicken and vetables. HELP.
my friend gave me the spices but need to know
how to introduce them to my traditional cook-
ing. She also gave me a jar of LAZIZA garlic and
and ginger paste. HELP, PLEASE. i DO NOT WANT TO WASTE

Reply :-
    Hi Carter, You can use the masala powders for almost any vegetable or non veg recipes. Each masala packet is a blend of different spices. You can saute some vegetables/non veg and add little bit of the masala powder to it. Start by adding 1/2 tsp and then increase as per your taste.
Ginger garlic paste is used in most of the indian dishes. Just browse through the website and pick up recipes that attract you. In almost any of the recipes you can use the ginger garlic paste and the masala powders.

Comment by Azeetha Tajmul
I am newly married and now have got the responsibility of cooking for my Husband. Till these days i was new to kitchen n now i am in need to pack lunches.I would be grateful to u if you let me know good lunch box recipes in a simple n healthy way. Also please let me know some good dishes for week end lunches for my friends. Please add me to ur mail list.
Reply :-
    Sure Azeetha. I'll add you to my mailing list. Here are some lunch box recipes. Do browse through the website. You will find lot of interesting recipes for weekends and get togethers.

Comment by Shruti Prasad
I am new to the kitchen zone, and have been looking up simple recipes for everyday cooking. I have been going thru ur site the past few hours, and I think I will be trying out a lot of stuff from here. Thank you very much!!
it would be of gr8 help if it also says how many servings that particular recipe makes.
Reply :-
    Hi Shruti, Thanks for visiting the site and leaving your comments. Do try the recipes and feel free to ask if you have any doubts. All the best!!
    I've recently started adding the number of servings in the recipes. Will try to update in the older recipes too.

Comment by krishna ramgi
can i have recipes of cakes without eggs and can i aslo have recipes of bread please can you replay me soon as possible
thank you
Reply :-
    Here is one eggless cake recipe.
Will be adding more soon.
    Thank you and can you please send more

Comment by Deepa Fernandez
    Hi Dhalia
I love your recipe site. I tried couple of dishes (Biriyani items) and loved it all.
I just got a slow cooker and made Sambar with a recipe I found from the internet.It turned out to be too good, so I feel like I want to do all my cooking in that.
Do you have any recipes using Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) ?
Reply :-
    Thanks Deepa for trying the Biriyani recipes. I do not have a slow cooker and hence havent tried any slow cooker recipes. I've heard that its good for most of the dal recipes, channa masala, sambhar and even for all the time consuming desserts like pal khova etc. I'll surely try to get some slow cooker recipes from my friends.

Comment by krishnakumar Duraiswamy
I would like to have a list of fruits , vegetables, pulses ,greens,milk products in English with pictures
Reply :-
    You can check the list under 'Glossary'.

Comment by lakshmi Subramanian
I like your webpage very much. I am going to a potluck filled with Western dishes, Yes pasta would be a natural choice, but I want to make something delicious & from the East. Can you suggest something that the kids will like & it will hold its taste &texture for a long time. Many desserts, so I chose to have something spicy. The cutlets look appetizing, will it remain crispy for a while.I appreciate your efforts. This kind of wesite must take a lot of time and effort. Thanks for creating it.
Thanks again,
Have a nice day,
Reply :-
    Hi Lakshmi, Thanks for visiting the site and all your appreciation.
    My choice of pasta for a potluck would be . It is simple to make for a crowd, is colourful, has few spices and the pasta retains its taste and shape.  
    About the cutlets, after making the cutlets put it into a warm oven (150 F) uncovered till the time you serve to retain the crispiness. If you have to take it to some other place, you can put it in a 400 F oven for 5-10 minutes just before serving and the cutlets will get crispy.  

Comment by Manju Paul
    Noticed few mistakes in spelling/the way English alphabets are used for malayalam words. Eg:-Malayalam for drumstick leaves is 'Muringa ila'. *Muringakaya ela* is not correct in Malayalam.
Instead of *Putiyina* for Mint, it should be 'Puthina'.
Basic pronounciation for the meaning of leaf is 'ila' and not ela.
meanwhile, I noticed few Malayalam words missing/ incorrect spelling for vegetables. I can contribute my knowledge in malayalam as it is my mother-tongue.
I look forward to your response.
Reply :-
    Hi Manju, Thanks for the correction. I'll make the changes. It will be really nice if you can contribute the missing names too.

Comment by Sukanya shinde
    hey, thank u sooo much for all the receipes, all r so simple n neat. m newly married so i can try all these diff dishes n gv to in-laws n hubby. thanks again :))))))
Reply :-
    Thank You Sukanya...

    great recipies
Reply :-
Thank You

Comment by radhika chakrabarti
    i tried ur chicken tawa,aloo palak,chicken was great. everyone liked it very much......thank u for ur recipes.all the ingredients are easily available also......
Reply :-
    Thanks Radhika.

Comment by Mike Harris
    I have tried and enjoyed several of your recipes.
Several years ago I worked with a number of contractors from India and, quite often, we would go to lunch together. There was a dish that was served in one of the restaurants that I very much enjoyed but, have not been able to figure out the name for it. It was served cold and consisted of a small, round cake that I think was mostly steamed channa and was floating in a white, yogurt sauce.
Can you help with this?
Reply :-
    Is it Dahi Vada?? Just take a look at Is this the same dish that you had in India??

Comment by Priyanka Jindal
    I love your recipes.
Thank you so much.
Reply :-
    Thank You Priyanka.

Comment by Julie Jose
I would like to suggest some words to glossary. please add
Cumin - Jeerakam (malayalam)
Asafoetida - Kaayam(malayalam)
Mint - Puthina (malayalam)
Fennel seed - Perumjeerakam (malayalam)
Cinnamon - Karuvappatta ( malayalam)
Fenugreek seed- Uluva (malayalam)
Mace - Jaathipathri (malayalam)
Brown peas - Vanpayar (malayalam)
Reply :-
    Thanks Julie. I'll add them.

Comment by janet stephens
    I always look out for a good recipe for soya beans gravy. Will you be able to give me. Also wanted to know if coconut added in gravy is not healthy enough.
Reply :-
    You could substitute soya beans in the following recipe or in this . Coconut is not very healthy very cooked because of its saturated fat content.

Comment by janet stephens
    There are chefs who dont give free recipes like you. God bless you for the good deed.
I havent yet tried them since i just found your site on google today.i wl try them soon and let you know the outcome.
God bless you.
Reply :-
    Thank You Janet.

Comment by  Amar Vivek  on 17 April 2010 19:55PM
    Me & my wife have tried several of your recipes. Can you post some good recipe for Chiken Kolumbu (South Indian style) ?
Reply :-
There is a Chicken Kulambu Recipe already in the website
I will be adding Chettinad Chicken Kulambu soon.

Comment by  Sivaram Iyer on 21 February 2010 14:30PM
I ve seen your site when searching for a fruit name. Nice glossary you shown. Noticed that some are missing. I wish if I can help you in tamil, malayalam and hindi.
Can I post it here?
Appreciate your effort. I am gonna try some of your recipes too.
Reply :-
    Hi Sivaram,
    Thank you so much for your offer to help. I really appreciate that. You can send me the names to this email id. I'll upload it immediately.
Thanks in advance.

Comment by  priya prithi on 15 January 2010 18:46PM
    hello mam :) i just wanna say tonnes of thx to u ..actually i ve started my cooking sessions now.. :) ur website is fabuluous.. keep ur work .. n i wish to learn north indian (veg ) dishes :) in mean time i wish to knw puliogare too :) pls do update abt tat..  
Reply :-
    Hi Priya, Thanks a lot for the compliments. There are quite a few north indian recipes in the site already. You can just browse and take a look. I'll try to add puliogare recipe soon.

Comment by  Chandu C on 17 January 2010 11:12AM
    This is really a great have most of recipes for all needs.Its simply superb.i have started trying some of your recipes.thanx for the such website. great really
Reply :-
    Thanks Chandu!!!

Comment by Rachel George on 28 November 2009 00:11AM
    Hi Dhalia,
For years I've been cooking and searching for and trying various receipes. It was only by chance just a few days ago I happened to see your site address and the receipes in it actually mean the same as your website address. What I meant is that from just trying out a few of your receipes I can tell that they are simple and yet so delicious. It is a big relief for me when I see simple yet delicious receipes. Thank you so much and I hope you will continue to keep up the good work and show people how you can make delicious food the simple way !!!
Reply :-
    Hi Rachael, Thanks a lot for the compliments!!!

Comment by a Bindu Joseph on 24 November 2009 09:12AM
    I came across your website, liked it a lot I would like to know more your receipes.
Reply :-
    Hi Bindu, You can join the email subsciption list. You will receive email alerts for all the recipe updates in the website.

Comment by Leena on 21 August 2009 19:08PM
    Thanks a lot!
Reply :-
    U r welcome!!!

Comment by Todd Shewman on 12 August 2009 01:48AM
    Stumbled across your website. Recently began enjoying Indan food at some dinners out. Like to cook and have a couple quick questions.
1. Where is the best place to get some of the ingredients? E.G my local grocery store doesn't have things like ginger garlic paste.
2. How do I know what dish will go with what? For example, we both like Butter Chicken, but not sure what other dishes go with it...? Do you have meal suggestions?
Thanks and my compliments on your website.

Reply :-
    Hi Todd,
    Good to hear from you and thanks for the compliments. Here are the answers to your questions...
1. You can get almost all the ingredients in any indian grocery stores. You could also make ginger garlic paste at home by blending togethre equal amount of ginger and garlic  cloves.
2. About 'meal suggestion'..... You have given me a good idea. I'll include that in the  website soon. Naan bread goes very well with butter chicken.

Comment by dolly verma on 05 August 2009 03:46AM
    i liked the recipes because they are really simple especially cakes i like the most
Reply :-
    Thank You Dolly...

Comment by roma rajani  on 01 August 2009 13:19PM
    i would like to subscribe to ur website so that i can make more good recipes from ur site thanks
Reply :-
    Hi roma, I've added you to the mailing list.

Comment by  poonam punny on 24 July 2009 12:56PM
    all the best 4 future. like our site. thanks 4 helping us.
Reply :-
    You are welcome Poonam..

Comment by gayathri thillai  on 05 June 2009 08:51AM
    This is really a great site.U have recipes for all needs.Its simply superb.i ve started trying some of your recipes.thanx for the good work.
Reply :-
    thanks gayathri for the compliments. do try the recipes.

Comment by arulselvi prasanna on 22 March 2009 16:05PM
    hi Dahlia,
its an awesome website.great work!!! very good recipes and i have just started trying out ur recipes.they are really simple and good.Good Job!!!!
Reply :-
    hi arulselvi, thanks for the compliments. try the recipes and give ur comments.
    Comment by Shanmuga Sundaram on 21 January 2009 20:52PM      
    Amma Thaaikulamae, mikka nanri for creating this site!!
(Thank you so much ladies for creating this site !!)
    I found this site thru google search with search term "simple indian recipies". Today is my first day of cooking. I am going to try a couple of things today. I think sites like these are a gr8 boon to bachelors. The site seems to be very good and contains many recipies.I applaud the efforts ladies.
Reply :-
    thanks sundaram, am happy that its useful to you,

Comment by Merina on 19 December 2008 06:04AM          
    hi sillu, really its a great job wat u have done.hope u r an expert in cooking dahlia.keep it sugession.give the tamil names of the ingredients in bracket.nothing more da keep it up.

Reply :-
    Thanks Merina. The tamil names for all the ingredients are given in the glossary.

Comment by Fatimah on 29 October 2008 09:31AM          
    I think you should also put in the recipe for preparing milk tea, ginger tea, masala tea, etc. This will also help others especially those stay alone friends out there for their convenience and touch-in Indian home-made taste.
Reply :-
    I'll surely try to add ginger tea and the other ideas that you have given. You are also welcome to contribute to the website your tips, ideas and recipes.

Comment by Fatimah Thaga on 29 October 2008 09:25AM          
    Hi Dahlia Tips for you: When i prepared chicken curry,I don't use grated coconut or coconut milk which most of us do. As my husband is a health-consious person, i substitute it with almond and cashew nut paste. It tastes great too.
Reply :-
    Thanks a lot for your valuable tips. Of late even i've started using almond paste for chicken curry. One of my friend said  that cashews have high saturated fat. Almond is more heart healthy.

Comment by Arthi on Monday, June 16, 2008 7:59:01 AM
    Hi, I found this site thro google search. This site is very nice. Recipes are very simple and different. Like ti know more about this site.
Reply :-
    hi, thanks a lot for the compliments. wat would u like to know about the site??
Comment by Arthi on Tue, 17 Jun 2008 13:07:54
    would like to know about the updates, like if u post any new recipe. Just give me a update thro mail. Ur recipes are worth to try. Keep Going

Reply :-
    u can subscribe and get email alerts for any updates in the site. there is a subscription box in the homepage of the website.

Comment by Suhanya on 28 June 2008 01:03AM
    Hey Dhalz...thanks for visiting my blog n being a regular reader!!! hey dhalz..visit my food blog i have started iwth my good fren n lemme know u'r feedback!
Reply :-
    Hi suhanya... you have a wonderful blog too. I've added a link from my site to your blog....

Comment by Nandini on Tue 2/12/08 10:34 PM   
    Hi Dahlia, Thanks for taking the time to put a great website together. I am very impressed with the fact that you seem to have handpicked each recipe and taken the time to illustrate it. For busy working mums like us this is indeed great. Keep up the good work!! Nandini Denver, CO.
Reply :-
    thanks nandhini.... am happy that the website is useful to u... Do try and give your comments.

Comment by Robin on Mon 5/05/08 4:47 PM
I'm a Cook!!!!
   Hey Dahlia, You must be knowing that I am not a cook at all. But once i came down to Atlanta had no choice but start cookin :). Well your website is the only place I look at now if i need to make anything and guess what everything tastes perfectly delicious. Keep up the great work. Love to the family God Bless!! Regards Robin C P
Reply :-
    hi thank u.... Good that the site has been helpful to u...

Comment by Udaya on Tue 2/05/08 8:28 AM
TOO Good!...
    Hi dahlia, You have done a very good job. Though I havent tried any of the dishes i am too sure it will be good.Surely i will start my cooking lessons thru ur recipes.
Reply :-
    hi thank u.... I will be happy if you try the recipes and give your comments...

Good job Dahlia - by Sujatha on Thu 1/10/08 7:45 PM
   Hi Dahlia, Good job. I use to visit your website daily. I have to try some recipe.
Reply :-
    hi thank u.... do try and let me know...

Nice Photos, Too! - by Tina on Sat 1/26/08 10:49 PM
    Dahlia, I found your site through the Guestbook of another...thank goodness! I was trying to learn more about Indian Cuisine and spices, as well as how it all ties together culturally. What wonderful work you've done here...thank you for sharing! I especially like what you had to say in "About Me". :)
Reply :-
    thanks for such encouraging words. wr r u from?? indian cuisine is very rich with many spices. Generally the food is quite spicy and often made from scratch.

Great work!!! - by Mullai on Monday, February 25, 2008 2:18:00 AM
    Amazing website with great collection of recipes. My sincere best wishes for all success. Mullai Madavan.
Reply :-
    Thank You

WOW.. -  by Elizabeth on Wed 1/23/08 5:23 PM
    It is really amazing to see your hardwork….It is very tempting to read the recipes and look at your pictures.Is there a place where we can post our recipes?

Reply :-
    Thanks. As of now there is no provision for visitors to add a recipe directly. But you can always send a recipe by mail to recipes @ and i promise to add it immediately under your name.

Comment by Mubeen on Wed 12/18/2007 at 5:47 PM  
    how r u trying out all new recipes...simply by urself...or digging in some books...really amazed by seeing ur menus...i dont like cooking at all..but now seeing ur website...feels like need to try out something..:-)
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    Hi, thanks a lot for such encouraging wods. i love to experiment with new recipes. other than that my friends and mom give me many new ideas. do try out the recipes and let me know how it turns.

Well done Dahlia... - by Blessy on Thu 11/08/07 3:06 PM
    Hey Dahlia, You've done a good job. Thumbs up to you.... Wishing you the best.
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    Thank You

Gr8 going! - by Roy on Thu 11/01/07 8:35 AM
    Dear Dahlia, I went through the site and it is really amazing with all those mouth-watering dishes. I'll pass on the secret to my wife. Keep up the good work ! Regards and best wishes,
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    Thank You.

HI - by Sajan on Mon 12/03/07 2:07 PM  
    Nice work..
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    Thank You

Nice website - by Pradeep Johnson on Sat 12/15/07 6:12 AM  
    Hi.U hav done a good job.Presently myself & family r in singapore. We will try ur recipies.
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    Thanks a lot.

Yum...yum....yummy! - by Christopher on Thu 11/01/07 8:13 AM
    You're doing a great job with this site and your mouth-watering dishes are definitely not just for those who are hungry.
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    Thank You.

WOW... - by Nandini on Tue 2/12/08 10:34 PM      
    Hi Dahlia, Thanks for taking the time to put a great website together. I am very impressed with the fact that you seem to have handpicked each recipe and taken the time to illustrate it. For busy working mums like us this is indeed great. Keep up the good work!! Nandini Denver, CO.
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    thanks nandhini.... am happy that the website is useful to u... Do try and give your comments.

website - by Arnold on Mon 11/12/07 9:39:13 AM
           Hai Dahlia, WONDERFUL; its should be great for some families like us. We are in Gulf and we are totally dry of south Indian dishes…. And receipies in your website can help us a lot in quenching our thirst. Keep it up……
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    Thanks a lot.

Did a good job - by Ezhil on Fri 12/07/07 8:56 AM      
    This website will be very useful to bachelors like us ,coz am cooking now by myself. now am in malaysia,am not comfortable with malay foods,so i use to prepare by myself but quite others cant eat and i'll try the receipies what u have given. keep going ,good work ,hats off.
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    Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. Do try the recipes and let me know. Also let me know if you need any other recipes.

That's good........... - by Renedev on Tue 11/13/07 7:46 AM
    hello, Thats really gr8 that you are involved in developing a website for tasty food lovers. Really its a good work. In due course more recipes and cooking tips can be added to your website.. All the best.
Reply :-
    Thanks a lot. I've added a few cooking tips and will be updating continuously. About the recipes, I try  to add a new recipe everyday. So keep seeing and trying.

Wow - by Elizabeth on Wed 1/23/08 5:35 PM      
          Good Effort..  
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    Thank You.

Nice webpage - by Dolly Angel on Thu 10/25/07 1:06 PM
    Hi Dahlia, Your website is very nice...Have u worked in IT before? I really appreciate for your work..Hope this site will be very useful for many members.. Dolly
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    Thank you Dolly. The technical part i got help from my husband.

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