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Dry Chutney Powders

 Published 2013-Mar-10   Updated 2020-Mar-09
(Chutney Podi Varieties, Podi Vagaigal)

About Dry Chutney Powders

Dry chutney powders are a kind of chutney which are in dry powdered form. In every South Indian house, it is very common to find at least one or two podi varieties at all times. The Telugu people and Tamil Brahmans mostly like to start off their meal with a little podi rice. A little podi is mixed with steamed rice and some ghee is drizzled on top. After having this, rice is had with other curries and sides. Even in traditional restaurants podi is surely served.

Usually wet chutneys cannot be stored for more than a couple of days. These dry chutney powders can be stored for 3-6 months in air tight jars. It can be served with rice or other food items like idli, dosa, uthappam, paniyaaram etc. It is typically mixed with some ghee or sesame seed (gingelly) oil and consumed. The best thing about having these podis on hand is that they make busy mornings and evenings on a working day very easier. Instead of making a curry, rice or idli or dosa can be instantly served with some podi. Its not only satisfying but very tasty too. These podis come handy during long road trips or train journeys. Rice or Idlis with some podi stays good for more than a day in room temperature. Podi varieties are a good companion to hostelers. College students who are away from home can still enjoy some homemade podi with rice.

There are many varieties of podis made depending on the region. There is the idli podi from Tamil Nadu, kandi (red lentil) podi from Andhra Pradesh, poondu (garlic) podi, chammandhi podi (with roasted coconut) from Kerala, peanut podi, curry leaf (karuvepilai) podi etc. There are also podis made with vegetables which are dry roasted. The shelf life of these may not be very long. There is also podi made with dried fish (karuvaatu podi) and with dried prawns (chemmen chammandhi). I will be sharing many podi varieties in the coming days. Do try them one by one and enjoy with your meal.

Dry Chutney Powder (Podi) Varieties

Idli Podi (Kanyakumari Style) Idli Podi (with garlic and sesame seeds) Idli Milagai Podi Basic Idli / Dosa Milagai Podi Curry Leaf Powder Curry Leaf Powder Flaxseed Gun Powder Flaxseed Gun Powder
Neem Flower Powder Neem Flower Powder Kothamalli Podi Kothamalli Podi Sambara Podi Sambara Podi Flaxseed Idli Podi Flaxseed Idli Podi
Chammandhi PodiChammandhi Podi Metkut TupMetkut Tup Shengdana Chutney Shengdana Chutney (Dry Peanut Chutney) Lasanachi Chutney (Dry Garlic Chutney) Lasanachi Chutney (Dry Garlic Chutney)
Lasanacha Bhurka Lasanacha Bhurka      

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