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Cherry Lassi

- submitted by Dahlia on 08-17-2008

             Lassi is a traditional drink in India made by blending yogurt with water, salt/sugar and other flavouring until it is frothy. It originated in Punjab and soon became famous throughout the country. It is usually served as a chill and refreshing drink with a meal or just as such. The different variations of sweet lassi are honey lassi, mango lassi, saffron lassi, rose water lassi etc. Spices can also be added to lassi like cumin, black pepper, grated ginger, black salt etc. Fresh herbs are also often added to the salted lassis like mint, cilantro, basil etc. Different lassi flavours can be made with any fresh fruits. Here i've given the recipe for a sweet lassi made with sweet cherries.
Yogurt - 1 cup
Water/milk - 1/2 cup
Sweet Cherries (or any other fresh fruit) - 1 cup (deseeded)
Sugar - 2-3 tblsp (or to taste)
1. Blend together the cherries, yogurt, water/milk and sugar in a blender till it becomes frothy.
2. Pour into individual glasses and garnish with some fresh cherries.
3. Chill and serve. This can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

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good one. another variety as a summer cooler. thanks

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