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- recipe by Rani submitted on 09-21-2010 
(Light Mayonnaise, Basic Mayonnaise, Home made Mayo)

Mayonnaise or Mayo is a basic sauce which is used to make many other sauces. Mayonnaise is used as a dip, as a spread for sandwiches etc. The key to a great tasting mayo is the freshness of the ingredients that is easily possible when you make it at home.

Egg - 1 (large)
Oil - 1 1/2 cup (Light olive oil or vegetable oil)
Dijon style mustard - 1 tsp
Vineger or Lemon Juice - 1 tblsp
Salt - to taste
White Pepper - to taste

1.Place egg, mustard and vinegar in a food processor or in a bowl if using hand blender. Process until well blended.
2.With the machine running, slowly drizzle the oil to make a thick mixture.
3.Season to taste with salt and pepper and keep refrigerated.
Serving Suggestion
     - Spread the mayonnaise on toasted bread to make a sandwich.
     - Use it as a dip for vegetables and bread sticks.
     - You can also use it for tacos, burgers etc. 
     - Vegetarians can use 1/2 lb of paneer instead of egg and follow the same recipe. Vegans can use tofu.

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