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Banana Stem Soup

- recipe by Raji Ramakrishnan submitted on 02-08-2012
(Plantain Stem Soup, Vaazhaithandu soup)
1. Banana Stem - 5" long
2. Sweet Corn - 125 gms
3. Water - 1 cup
4. Water - 250 ml
5. Black Pepper Powder - to taste
6. Black Salt - to taste
7. Salt - to taste
8. Lime Juice - to taste
For garnishing 
Few mint leaves
Few coriander leaves
Grated carrots - 2 tsp
Grated cheese - 2 tsp
Boiled beans – 2 tsp


1. Cut the banana stem into round pieces.  While cutting, u can remove the thread which comes out of it. See detailed banana stem cutting steps here.
2. After cutting, add corn, one cup water and pressure cook the same till  4-5 whistles comes out.
3. Cool it and grind it to a smooth paste in the mixer.  Add 250 ml water and strain through a strainer.  
4. Transfer the same into a kadai and boil it after adding item no.5-7.  Just before removing from the stove, add lime juice and stir.
5. Transfer into bowls, garnish with the items mentioned for garnishing.
Banana stem soup is ready to serve. It is a lovely soup. You can add butter if you wish.
Serves : 4 persons.

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Comment by raji ramakrishnan

         banana stem is good for kidney stone. good medicinal value without going to doctor u can cure it. one glass of banana juice taken in the morning in empty stomach is good for removing kidney stone.

Reply :-

         Oh is it? Thats amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us. 

Comment by Deepa Fernandez
         Hi, Where do you get the banana stems from ?


Reply :-

           Hi Deepa,

        U can get it from any of the South Indian vegetable vendors if your are in Chennai. If you are in other parts of India, few selected Bhayya's vegetable shop, it is available.

hope u will enjoy the same.


Comment 1
Hi Raji
Thanks for the email, I am in the US, and haven't found them even in cans.
Will keep looking.
Thanks for sharing your recipes, they are really good
Reply 1 :-
         Hi Deepa, In US, you can find them in some indian stores. It is also sometimes available in Chinese stores.

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