Simple Indian Recipes...
Delicious and healthy dishes that can be made even by first timers.

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Person   ()
OMG I really got surprised to find these many Indian desserts varieties. I'm so glad to see all distinct Indian sweets recipes listed down here. Thanks a lot!
Person   ()
Thank you. Do try them and give your feedback.
Person   ()
i want to try india deserts who make catalogs so i can order
Person   ()
I din't get you stevesmail...
Person   ()
A dish which we can make with out any microwave and gas
Person   ()
Try mango mousse @ ,
kulfi @
You could also try chiffon salad and other salads and different milkshakes
Person   ()
Oh really
Person   ()
Here you mising. Short crust pastri you shuld have to write recipe way not that way yuor make mistikes if any new person want to make how he will buy short crust market very nice of your sides
Person   ()
I don't understand..
Person   ()
Very easy
Keep it in the cooker
Person   ()
how to bake a cake without using microwave?
Person   () can use pressure cooker instead..

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