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Welcome to, the online pool of simple home-made recipes. Who can be more disappointed than a hungry man who is on diet with mouth watering fancy food on his table? A Spanish proverb says The belly rules the mind. Well, the good news is, mouth watering food can still be healthy enough for anyone to eat. Above all, it can be simple enough for anyone to make it. That's the whole idea of this website. In a nutshell, this website contains simple, delicious and healthy dishes that can be made at your home. We have more than 1100 home tested recipes including south-Indian dishes, north-Indian dishes, recipes from other Indian states as well as international fusion food. This huge collection has varieties of vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, vegan recipes, sweets and snacks, diet recipes, diabetic friendly recipes and of course desserts too.

Everyday there is something new to learn and something new to share. Knowledge increases by sharing. You are welcome to share your cooking ideas, recipes, simple tips and other suggestions.

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Rumali Roti Rumali Roti Cottage Cheese Pie Cottage Cheese Pie Pacha Manga Thogayal, Raw Mango Chutney Raw Mango Chutney Rose Milk Rose Milk

Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine is a huge collection of regional variations which can be broadly categorized by its states. Each state in India has its own style, taste and flavor of food. Each regional cuisine is very different from each other. This diversity in Indian food culture is because of the difference in climatic condition, terrain, soil nutrition, and diverse ethnic traditions. For example, the staple food of people from northern part of India is wheat where as it's rice in the southern part. In the desert state like Rajasthan availability of fresh vegetables is scarce, so the Rajasthani cuisine includes gram flour, milk and ghee as it's staple food ingredients. Thus each region or state in India has its unique cuisine.

Here in Simple Indian Recipes website we are continuously trying to add popular and traditional recipes from as many regions as possible. So far, we have a very good collection of authentic regional Indian recipes. Below are some of the regional recipes for you to try. Make them and enjoy the diverse food of Indian cuisine.

Indian Regional Cuisines

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Here is a list of some of our popular category pages. You can find that all you need to cook and eat healthy is just a click away. These recipe categories include many ideas to make your everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner meal more interesting. There are also many desserts, sweets and snacks to entertain your guests or to make your festivals very special. Many tips and diet recipe ideas are given that will encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, if you are confused about a particular ingredient like a grain, vegetable or fruits and if you do not know how to cook with it or include it in your diet, we have that covered too. You can find separate pages for each and every possible ingredient, whether it is a pulse, grain, vegetable, meat or fruit. The page gives a list of possible ideas and recipes to use that ingredient in.

Most of the recipes are presented in a very simple way so that even beginners or bachelors can easily understand.

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