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2 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

 Published 2009-Jan-31   Updated 2017-Oct-23

- Submitted by Rani

(Instant Chocolate Cake, Quick Cake In Mug, Instant Microwave Cake, 2 minute cake)

Instant Cake In Mug

Microwave cake in a mug is one recipe that has been going viral among all cake lovers. Its so convenient to make a small portion of cake in a matter of below 5 minutes. My daughter enjoys this. Whenever she craves for chocolate cake, I give her all the ingredients. She does the mixing and I microwave it for her. Its as simple as that. She loves to top her with chocolate chip cookies or nutella. 

The cake takes a maximum of 5 minutes to make from start to finish. The cooking time itself just takes less than 2 minutes. It's the best choice to satisfy your chocolate craving. It is so chocolaty that tastes brownie like. Be sure to try it out.

Since many of my followers wanted egg-less option, I have shared that too. To be frank, I like the egg-less version for this particular cake better because it is more denser and brownie like. I also tried the sugar free version of the mug cake. Its a great choice for people with diabetes to satisfy their cravings for cake. I have given the details in the variations below.

Recipe For Instant Chocolate Cake

Preparation time: 2 minutes
Cooking time: < 2 minutes
Serves : 2


  • All purpose flour (Maida) - 4 tbsp
  • Cocoa Powder - 2 tbsp
  • Sugar - 4 tbsp (For sugar free option, use sweetener as per package instructions)
  • Egg - 1 / or (4 tbsp of milk for egg-less option)
  • Extra Milk - 1 or 2 tbsp (if needed)
  • Vegetable Oil - 2 tbsp (You can use olive oil or melted butter too)
  • Vanilla extract - 2 drops (optional)
  • Salt - a tiny pinch
  • Baking Powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Microwavable safe ceramic / glass mug - 1

Optional Ingredients

  • Chocolate chips - 2 tbsp
  • Dry shredded coconut - 1 tbsp
  • Nutella / Peanut Butter - 1 tbsp
  • Carrot (grated) - 1 tbsp


  1. You can mix the ingredients in the mug directly or in a separate bowl. Since I was making 2 mug cakes, I mixed in a separate bowl.
  2. Take the all purpose flour (maida), cocoa powder, salt and baking powder in the bowl and mix together. 
  3. Add the egg (if you are adding) and oil. If you are making it egg-less, add the 1/4 cup of milk instead of the egg along with the oil. Whisk it together so that the batter is formed without lumps. 
  4. Add vanilla extract and mix again nicely. If you feel the batter is thick, add the extra milk and whisk again. You should get a smooth batter. 

    Instant Mug Cake

  5. Apply cooking spray in the coffee mug so that the cake wont stick.
  6. Pour the batter into the mug. You can also use small bowls or ramekins.
  7. To make the cake extra moist, top it with the chocolate chips. Sometimes I also love to add a tbsp of nutella or peanut butter on top. As the cake bakes, it seeps in and makes the cake gooey and moist.

    Instant Mug Cake

  8. Place mug into the microwave and cook on high power for just 2 minutes. My microwave is 900 Watts and it took me 1.5 minutes on high power. Depending on your microwave capacity, the cooking time may vary. If it is a high power one, just microwave for 1 minute. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed.
  9. Allow to cool a bit. Tip out onto a plate and or enjoy from the mug itself.

Serving Instant Cake

  • Kids and adults can enjoy the chocolate mug cake along with a cup of milk. What better snack can you ask for?

Instant Cake In Mug


  • Instead of the 2 tbsp of coco powder, add all purpose flour (maida) itself and you have plain tea cake. Add strawberry syrup and you will get instant strawberry cake.
  • Egg-Less Chocolate Mug Cake: I have already shared the eggless chocolate mug cake option above. You have to substitute the egg with 1/4 cup of milk.
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Mug Cake: I have also tried making sugar free chocolate mug cake. Substitute any sugar free sweeteners that you have according to the package instructions. Mine said to substitute 1 tbsp of sweetener for 3 tbsp of regular sugar. The cake was super moist, tasty but did not rise as much as the regular cake. My diabetic family members surely do enjoy this cake.

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Comments (1 - 50 of 66)

Person   ()
Good, at least try once this instance yummy recipe.
Person   ()
Person   ()
Thankyou Chocolesious
Person   ()
hi! I am Diya I am in 6th grade and I tried making this all by myself it was awesome all my friends also liked what I made everyone is asking me to share the recipe keep it up!!
Person   ()
Thats awesome dear. Glad to hear that. Keep trying more new recipes.
Person   ()
Excellent !
Person   ()
Thank You.
Person   ()
Excellent !
Person   ()
I have tried few instant mug cakes but this was the best so far. I made the eggless version.
Thank you sharing this simple and easy recipe.
Person   ()
Thanks Dee. We make this often for a quick snack.
Person   ()
Came out so nice n soft ... simple recipe too thanks👍🏻 Kids luvd it when I have as surprise.
Person   ()
Thanks for your feedback. This is such a convenient recipe to make during evening time any day. I make it often too. Enjoy.
Person   ()
This recepie is amazing!!!!!!! The cake was so soft n so fluffy!!! It was perfect. The previous recepie I tried made the cake hard. Thanks so much!!
Person   ()
Yes it is very soft. I make this often for kids.. Easy to make..
Person   ()
Hi is it essential to add vanilla extract??
Person   ()
I usually recommend adding vanilla for cakes made with eggs. For eggless, you may skip vanilla.
Person   ()
I made eggless version and it was amazing . Thanku for sharing quick and easy recipe.
Person   ()
Thats good to hear Neha. Try out more new recipes.
Person   ()
THANK YOU. M hungry, working and was looking for tips when this site came up. Awesome ideas - and you are an intelligent woman. Stay blessed and happy cooking!
Person   ()
Thats nice to hear that you visited my site. Keep visiting often and try out more recipes.
Person   ()
The mug cake went an epic fail. When i placed it in a mug, the batter spill out and then i placed it in a bowl then also the batter spill out. I went strictly according to your ingredients and i kept it in the microwave for just 1 minute according to the temperature given.
Can i know why this happened?
Person   ()
Hi Shreyanshi, Sorry to hear that it was a failure. The cake raises to almost double the size. I have mentioned that the cake will rise. Also, in the picture I have used a mug which is only half filled with batter so that there is room for rising. Try it out like that next time and wishing that it will be a success.
Person   ()
can i add chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder??
Person   ()
Haven't tried it by adding syrup. You can try out and let us know how it turns.
Person   ()
Thank you for the wonderful recipe... .it came awesome!!!!my daughter loved it sooo much
Person   ()
Thats great to hear. Enjoy!!
Person   ()
Thanks for the wonderful recipe. It came out very well. Loved it :)
Person   ()
Thats good to hear. Enjoy!!
Person   ()
Can I do away with cocoa powder? I do have vanilla essence
Person   ()
It will be like plain sponge cake.
Person   ()
can i make it without using egg?
Person   ()
yes. Substitute with 4 tbsp of milk.
Person   ()
the cake don't need to be cooked for 3-5 mins since the cake will harden up very badly. instead you can put it just for 2 mins.the cake was very spongy and tasty but i think the amount of cocoa given is more.
Person   ()
The timing depends on the microwave power.

Reduce the amount of cocoa next time.
Person   ()
it turned hard do we have to put baking powder in plain maida flour. Waste of labor n ingrediants
Person   ()
May be your microwave is high power. Just reduce the timing by 1 minute. Else reduce the power and try....
Person   ()
What is cooking spray? Where can i get it? I don't have a microwave.What is the way out?
Person   ()
If you cannot find cooking spray, just grease with some cooking oil or butter.

This recipe is for microwave cake. Please google for pressure cooker cakes and try it out.
Person   ()
Thanks for the nice cake recipe. Can i replace maida flour with whole wheat flour , for a healthier version ? If yes , how to go about it ?
Plz inform,

Person   ()
I haven't tried it Sayali... May be you can experiment with it.. Anyway its a small quantity.... Do let us know if you try...
Person   ()
I need to ask that if there is no option of 1000 W in the microwave what should we do? Do we just need to heat it? or cook at some other option.
Person   ()
hmmm.. never tried it...

I am so sorry i am not able to give a definitive answer. Try to cook for a little longer..
Person   ()
I have done 10 minutes cake, this is nice. I will try. Thanks for the recipe. God Bless.
Person   ()
Try it and enjoy...
Person   ()
It turned to b hard. My kids were disappointed :(
Person   ()
Next time reduce the timing. Each oven is different. Very sorry about that.
Person   ()
i jst want to know instead of egg wht i can use.....
Person   ()
Am not sure. May be you should google for some eggless cake recipes.
Person   ()
you can use milkmaid
Person   ()
U can use some curd and a pinch of baking soda instead of egg. ThsnThank u

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Old Comments

Comment by meril shijil
hi dahlia,
ur cake ws so yummy...i loved it...its so easy...w8in 4 my hubby 2 hve a bite of ur site.....keep going...

Reply :-

       Thanks Meril. 
Comment by Anala Gundeti

        Hi, which cocoa powder should be used i mean sweetened or unsweetened...

Reply :-


Comment by prasad s
Thank you very much for such a simple method of making chocolate cakes, i never imagined even i could make this. The cake came out very well soft and chewy for a 1st timer like me.... As i'm a vegan i used baking powder instead of egg and an additional touche of milk helped achieve yummiest cake ... Thanks once again...


Reply :-

         Glad to know that the cake came out good. By the way, do vegans use milk??
Comment by Khushboo Kaur

hi dear,
just read your recipe, sounds yummy..
for how many days this cake will be eatable..

Reply :-
        Couple of days.

Comment by Paardhasarathy Thalla

         sounds intresting want to try today, can i use microsafe bowl insted of coffee mug! 

Reply :-
        Yes you can.

Comment by zain bar
i tried it n believe me it came out really yum.thanks alot as this cake bring my angry daughter smile back.

Reply :-

          Thats great to hear. 

Comment by Shyamlal Christudas

I tried making 5 min cake and it came out well. Thank you very much and keep posting more recipes.

Reply :-
         Good good. Keep trying more new recipes.


Comment by  i dd
         i am happy

Reply :-


Comment by alamu ramprasath

whole sugar r sugar powder should b used?

Reply :-

          You can use whole sugar.

Comment 1


thanks for the response.. i tried ur recipe .. came out really well. tried n different flavours.. my kid enjoyed the most..thanks a lot.. 

Comment by dipannita ghosh biswas

         hi, i tried out the cake and it turned out really well. have always wanted to make cakes at home, now is my chance. i guess we can have a number of permutations and combinations for the flavour while the base remains the same.

Reply :-

         Thank you. Yes you can try out different flavours.

Comment by Kadambari Chougule

         Can we do all the mixing in a bowl and then later pour the entire stuff in mug just before placing it in microwave

Reply :-

         Yes you can.
Comment by subuhi siddique
        jst tried ur recipe.. luved it but it turned out to be a little hard..
what to do to inhance softness of cake..

Reply :-

        Next time Just reduce the time by 30 sec. 

Comment by Bharti Katyal

        Thanks... Its really amazing... Tomorrow is my hubby's b'day and i made the cake as per ur instructions. Its very easy and i m sure everybody in my family will love it Thanx for making my day...

Reply :-

       Thats great!! Happy Bday to your hubby.  

Comment by Sheethal Jayakrishna
       wow i am thoroughly husband craves something sweet at the oddest times...especially after i declare "kitchen closed"...:)
this could be a life saver..:) really great

Reply :-

       Hi Sheethal, You are right. This is a great recipe to satisfy instant cravings. 

Comment by Nivedita Chirantan
      what is the use of vanilla extract in cakes.. can i do this cake without vanilla extract ???

Reply :-

       Hi Nivedita,Vanilla extract gives a nice aroma and flavour to the cake. It also helps in masking the egg smell from the cakes.
       You may add some lemon juice if you do not have vanilla extract. This will remove the eggy smell but the nice vanilla aroma will still be missing.

 Comment by Sonali Bej
          Hi Dahlia,
Ur receipe is fabulous. i m a veg. so i tried the receipe with condensed milk n baking pwdr n coffee flavoured as commented by Lubna hussain. i kept it for 4 mins hence it turned out very hard still my parents liked it very time i will keep it for 3 mins. and this time i m going to try my fav. chocolate flavored. thanx Dahlia, for this yummy n easy recepie...bye...

Reply :-

         Hi Sonali, Thank You for taking the time to leave your comments. Don't hesitate to try all of your variations. Cooking is all about creativity to make food more interesting.

 Comment by Shashikumar Naik
          When does one add the grated carrot ?

Reply :-

          Hi Shashikumar, the grated carrot is an optional ingredient. If you prefer it, then add it along with the flour.

 Comment by nikunj tavathia
          what was the capacity of the cup???

Reply :-

          Just a regular coffee mug (about 9 fl oz).

           thank you very very much, i tried it & it was just amazing!!!!!! :P :P :D
 Comment by s chatterjee
          can we bake a cake other than in a oven or a pressure cooker or a microwave ?

Reply :-

          Hi Chatterjee, I always make cakes in the oven or microwave. Unfortunately, I'm not able to clear your doubt.


Comment by renuka memba
       thank you, receipee is very taste

Reply :-

          U r welcome.

Comment by Anchal Asthana

I tried the cake- it came out very well, However it is a bit hard & dry from the middle. I used butter this time instead of oil.i cooked for 31/2 min (800watts).
Please suggest what could be the reason?


Reply :-

          Try 3 minutes next time, each microwave varies.  

 Comment by Kalyan Banerjee

Let me know
a cooking spray substitute?
substitute for the cup? is cup essential for uniform cooking?
let's have more of microwave easy recipes. i am in a hurry!

Reply :-

            Hi Kalyan.... Cooking spray substitute would be rubbing the cup with some butter.

You could use a small ceramic/glass microwave safe bowl instead of a cup. There are more microwave recipes here.

 Comment by Vandana Rao

        Hi Smitha,
Cake can be cooked in a pressure cooker,donot add any water in the cooker,directly place the container with the cake mixture in the cooker and close the lid,donot place the weight on the lid,cook it on low flame,it'll take around 30 min.

Reply :-

            Thanks Vandana.

 Comment by Pintu K

        Hello Rani,

One of my friend had shared this in FaceBook and thats how I came to see this recipe. Wonderful! just in few minutes! awesome!!!
I tried it immediately!
I replaced egg with Flax seed Powder+Water(as u had said) and milk with Soya Milk!
It was little hard, I think if we add a pinch of Baking Powder, it would be good, isn't?
Thank you! :)

Reply :-

            Yes try adding a pinch of baking soda next time. 

 Comment by Sarika Sharma

        Hi Dahila
i tried today and it came out vry soft . I used baking powder instend of egg. Thanx for this instance recipe.

Reply :-

            Oh. Thanks for letting us know.

 Comment by  Smita P on 12 April 2010 09:20AM

I dont have a microwave nor an oven. Can we make it in a pressure cooker? if yes for how long?

Reply :-            

          Hi Smitha, I have not used Pressure coker to make cakes. So I'm not able to help you.

 Comment by  Neha Pavecha on 04 March 2010 09:32AM

Thanks for this new idea. I am veg, so cannot add egg. What is the substitute of it?
Also, my microwave is of max. 800 power, so how much time should i keep it for baking.
Thank you

Reply :-            

          Hi Neha, You might want to check the cake after 3 minutes. If it is not done, keep it for 1 more minute.    

         You can substitute 1 tblsp of flax seed powder + 3 tblsp of water for 1 egg.

 Comment by  bindu garg on 19 February 2010 11:10AM

        will this reciepe work out as we are not using baking powder.

Reply :-            

          Hi Bindhu,The recip works perfectly. The egg in the mixture acts as a leavening agent here.

Comment by Denila Shelbin on 12 January 2010 21:35PM

              Hi Mam,
I tried this today and it came out very soft and delicious.
My husband loved it. Your recipes are really good.

Reply :-

            Thanks Denila. Thats actually my friends recipes.. 

Comment by mahalakshmi aravindh on 12 December 2009 17:52PM

              can i substitute condensed milk for egg for all cake.

Reply :-

            Hi Mahalakshmi, You can substitute eggs with condensed milk in cakes but the texture will not be the same. Eggs make the cake really light and soft. But condensed milk could be a good substitute for vegetarians.

          Another good substitute for egg is flax seed powder. Substitute 1 tblsp of flax seed powder + 3 tblsp of water for 1 egg.
Comment by a rana` paro on 15 November 2009 07:11AM

           hi..i try this cake cake was gud but why make hard plzzzzz help me tell me i want soft cake...regards rana

Reply :-

            Good. Try reducing your time by 30 sec. 

Comment by a lubna hussain on 14 November 2009 19:10PM

           HI Dahlia,
thanks for such a nice recipe i just tried to may surprise it came out wonderful thanks again, instead of cocoa i used 1tblsp instant coffee powder it taste really good.

Reply :-

            Coffe Cake..... Yummy!!! I should try it too....
Comment by Nisha Anderson on 07 October 2009 01:24AM

        do you have any recipes that do not require cooking?

Reply :-

          Hi Nisha,There are a few salad recipes that does not require cooking.

Comment by anitha seloth on 11 June 2009 22:12PM       

           your recipe is really great,i am vegan,
could you tell me,what i can use or substitude instead of egg in cake,

Reply :-

          Hi Anitha. You could add 2-3 tblsp of condensed milk or butter to compensate for each egg.

          Another good substitute for egg is flax seed powder. Substitute 1 tblsp of flax seed powder + 3 tblsp of water for 1 egg.
Comment by Aan Mary on 15 March 2009 23:55PM        

           I tried this today. Did not like much . Prepare cake always in oven ,that is better .

Reply :-

          Hi Aan. Its your own choice if you like it or not. This recipe is for all those who have a very busy life and have cravings to eat a cake. Isnt it amazing to satisfy a craving in 5 minutes?
     Those who have the time can ofcourse make large delicious cakes of their choice in an oven waiting for atleast 45 min to one hour.

 Comment by Elia Kapamauthi on 02 March 2009 09:43AM
          Can I bake in an ordinary oven instead of a microwave? If yes, at what temp?

Reply :-

          This is an instant cake. If you bake it in oven it becomes a normal way of
doing a cake again. But it should take about 20 to 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven and the size should be of cup cake.


Comment by Sathya Arulvel on 25 February 2009 00:11AM
          Hi Dahlia,
I tried today , it came out very tasty and so soft.

Reply :-

          Hi Sathya,
     Good to see your comment. This is such a simple recipe too, you could make it anytime.





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