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Mustard Greens Curry

 Published 2007-Nov-12   Updated 2017-Dec-18

- Submitted by Dahlia

(Mustard Greens Paruppu Curry, Mustard Keerai Kulambu, Paruppu Keerai)

Green gram dal is a very mild dal which goes well with pretty much any vegetables or greens. This dal is used a lot in Kerala food and hence in Kanyakumari food which happens to be my native. Of course any other dal can be used but the taste varies. This dal is my favorite and it goes well with plain rice or chapatti. The following recipe can be used with any other greens to get Spinach Dal, Collard Greens Dal, Turnip greens Dal, Methi dal, Radish greens dal, swiss chard dal, kale dal, methi dal (vendaya keerai) etc. I've tried with most of the greens and it all tastes good.

Recipe for Mustard Greens Dal Curry


  • Mustard greens - 1 bunch (finely chopped)
  • Green gram (Moong) Dal - 1 cup
  • Onion - 1(finely diced)
  • Garlic - 2 cloves (finely minced)
  • Tomato - 1/2 (finely diced)
  • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Asafoetida powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Mustard - 1/4 tsp
  • Cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp
  • Dry red chilly - 2
  • Curry leaves - 5 leaves
  • Salt - to taste
  • Oil - 4 tsp
  • Grated coconut - 2 tbsp


  1. Heat oil in a deep sauce pan and splutter mustard, dry red chillies and curry leaves.
  2. Fry the onions and garlic until they begin to sweat.
  3. Now add the green gram (moong) dal, chopped tomatoes, turmeric powder, asafoetida powder, little salt and water.Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
  4. In the meantime grind the grated coconut and cumin seeds to form a coarse paste and keep aside.
  5. When the dal is half cooked, add the chopped mustard greens and cook for another 15 minutes or until the leaf becomes tender. Add more water as needed.
  6. At this stage add the coconut paste, mix everything together and switch off.


  • Adding coconut paste is optional as the curry tastes yummy even without the coconut. It just gives a south Indian touch to the curry.

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Comments (11)

Person   ()
Thanks for the recipe. You should add the amount of water needed.
Person   ()
About 3 cups of water.
Person   ()
I made this using red lentils (since that is what I had in the cupboard) and it was absolutely delicious! I had two bowls for dinner and a bowl for lunch the next day. My 2-year-old liked it, too.

One thing I noticed: curry leaves are listed in the ingredient list, but the instructions do not say when to add them. I just left them out.
Person   ()
Thanks April. Curry leaves can be skipped, not a big deal. Good that you loved the recipe.
Person   ()
Personally I found this very bland with the prescribed amount of spices, but once doubled/tripled this was a very nice dish.
Person   ()
Spices can always be increased or decreased as per taste.
Person   ()
hello, I wanted to know if I should use the split moong dal without chilka or the split moong dal that has no chilka and is totally yellow?
Person   ()
Person   ()
Thank you. Enjoy!!
Person   ()
This is the best recipe for mustard greens.

Person   ()
Thank You.

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Old Comments

Comment by Sherryl P
I cooked this for my parents today and they loved it :)

Reply :-
Nice to hear that. Enjoy!!

Comment by Tina C
I tried this recipe for lunch today & it came out amazing, hadd it with a whole plate of rice :D I tried the yellow squash curry as well & that too was delicious. I am so excited at finding youre website! I havent seen so many consistently yummy recipes all in one website. I used to avoid eating veggies but youre curries are so yummy that Im enjoying it now!

Reply :-
Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad the site is useful to you.

Comment by kalaivani athiyannan
i have just started cooking and ur website is very useful with clear information and proportion details..
so do send me the new recipies ..

Reply :-
Sure Kalaivani. I'll add you to my mailing list.

Comment by Sarah Diligenti
Thanks for the recipe. Did it yesterday evening and it was a winner with my husband and my friend!

Reply :-
Wow!! good to hear that.

Comment by krupa panchal
hey i looked all over for mastard greens recipe except for the indian cuisine - n this one is awesome - good blend for vitamins and protein - thanks for the gr8 recipe!! i added dry chilli powder to give it a kick!!

Reply :-
Oh. Good to hear that.

Comment by Poonam Dash on 07 April 2010 06:46AM

Reply :-
Sure Poonam. I'll add you to my mailing list so that you can receive email alerts for all the new recipes.

Comment by Priya Nayak on 04 December 2009 06:47AM
Tried Mustard green Dal was truely a new try with mustard green leaves, n a wonderful recipe to have with rice or chapathi..............Thanks for this recipe n ur effort n interest to help people who want to venture varities of dishes to please their hubby darling like me :)))

Reply :-
Hi Priya, Thanks for you feedback. Even I love to try new recipes and new vegetables. So you are in the right place. Keep visiting often to find many more exciting recipes.

Comment by  Sandhya M on 24 February 2009 03:52AM
Your recipe is fantastic.
I tried it Today.It's so awesome.My husband don't like wet curries.But he liked this very much.(I haven't used green gram).   Thank you for introducing new vegetable.

Reply : -
Hi Sandhya, thats good to hear. Next time , try using green gram.

Comment by jagada kesavalu on 19 February 2009 12:15PM
i never heard about this recipe. anyhow i must try it out .onemore thing to tell mustard is a antibiotic having medicinial value so we can use it a lot thank u jagadakesavalu

Reply : -
Do try Jagada. It tastes very good. Thanks for the information about mustard. Do continue to actively participate with your tips, recipe and comments.

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