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- recipe by Sabina submitted on 09-06-2008 
(South Indian Egg Pudding, Vatalla appam, Ande Ki Mithai)
 Coconut milk - 1 can(or 1 coconut- only the thick milk)
 Eggs - 12 
 sugar - powdered(as per taste)
 cardomon - 7 to 8 cnt(powdered with sugar)
 Ghee - 1tblsp
 Raisins - 1/2 cup 
 Cashewnut - 1/2 cup(slightly grind -to crush it but not to powder it)
 1.Beat the eggs slightly.(not like cake)
 2.Powder the sugar and cardomon together.
 3.Mix everything together(powdered sugar, eggs, coconut milk, raisins and crushed cashews).
 4.Apply ghee to a baking pan and pour the mixture.
 5.And bake it till it sets like a pudding (30- 45 minutes). You can bake in two ways:
               A) in a pressure cooker, pour water and then keep the baking pan and cook with no wistle's on.
               B) in oven - at 350 degree using water bath method (keep the baking pan inside a bigger pan filled half way through with water).
 6. Garnish with some nuts, saffron strands or whipped cream. Serve it cold with some whipped topping.

        - You can use almonds instead of cashews. You can also use saffron strands for flavouring.

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Comments (8)

Person   ()
Simple and thnk it would b yummy!!!!!!!!!!
Gonna try it..........
Person   ()
Yes. Its simple to make and tastes simply yummy!!!
Person   ()
I'm getting the recipe updates now Dahlia... this pudding looks so yummy and easy...will try it. Thanks.
Person   ()
hi nandini, do try it. its really yummy.
Person   ()
Can i know how much measurement would a coconut can have???
Person   ()
I din't understand your question dear.
Person   ()
i really learned lots of thinks by this side. But i want that some more Dishes can be added in this.
Person   ()
Thanks Manish. I keep updating the site regularly. Do visit often.

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