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Coconut Theeyal

- recipe by Simi submitted on 07-17-2008 
(Ulli Theeyal, Shallot onion Theeyal)

Coconut (grated) - 1 big
Small onion - 10 nos 
green chillies - 2
garlic (optional) - 4
curry leaf - 2 strings
musturd seeds - 1tsp
tamarind paste - 3 tblsp

1. Fry the grated coconut in a pan till it becomes golden brown. keep it aside to cool
2. On another pan pour 3tblsp of oil and put the mustard seeds.
3. Put the small onions.
4. Meantime grind the roasted coconut into fine paste without adding water.
5. Put that paste with the sauteed onion.
6. Pour water and make it boil. Simmer the flame and add tamarind paste.
7. Let it cook till oil floats on top.

        Instead of onion theeyal you can make theeyal with other vegetables like drumstick (murigakkai) theeyal , prawn theeyal, brinjal (vazhuthanakai) theeyal, okra(vendakkai) theeyal, bittergourd (pavakkai) theeyal,  zucchini theeyal, lotus root theeyal etc.

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