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Glossary - Milk Products

English Tamil Malayalam Hindi
Butter Vennai (வெண்ணெய்) Venna (വെണ്ണ) Makkhan (मक्खन)
Buttermilk Moru (மோர்) Mor Chaach (छाछ)
Cream Paal Aadai Paalpada Malaee (मलाई)
Curd(Yogurt) Thayir (தயிர்) Thayiru, Tair (തൈര്) Dahi (दही)
Ghee Ney (நெய்) Neyi (നെയ്യ്) Ghee
Milk Paal (பால்) Paal (പാൽ) Doodh, Dhuth (दूध)

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