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Kashmir Online Store Products Review

 Published 2019-Feb-21   Updated 2019-Sep-11

- Submitted by Dahlia

(Almonds, Walnuts, Saffron from Kashmir Online Store)

I recently received a pack of almonds, walnuts and saffron from Kashmir Online Store for review.  I was curious because nuts are always there in my monthly shopping list. I love to include nuts in my salads or even have as a mid-meal snack. Saffron is also a staple in my pantry that I use while making pulaos or kheer. What made me curious and also a little skeptical was about what is going to be so different in nuts and spices. With this same curiosity, I opened the parcel that I received. I was actually pleasantly surprised. So here I would like to brief about my opinion on Kashmir Online Store's products.


Like I start every review about products that are purchased online, I start with the way it is packaged. If the product is not properly packaged, we might receive it in damaged condition.

So the packaging here was pretty good. I had received a pack of almonds and walnuts, each I am guessing was about 250 gms. The almond pack had a green plastic cover with a press seal. So after opening the pack, it can be sealed in the same package to retain freshness. On the other hand, the walnuts were in a plain plastic cover. Once you open it, you need to transfer it to some air tight box. The saffron came in a small plastic container, the way I have seen in all supermarkets. They had wrapped the box tightly with plastic wrap. This kept it extra safe.


First I opened the saffron. The moment I opened I could smell its strong fragrance. This is something I have never felt before. I always buy saffron strand to use in my pulaos and kheers. The ones we get in stores are good but the aroma is no way near this one from Kashmir.


I almost instantly decided to make Saffron Rice. The colour and aroma was far superior to the nes that I have tried before. You can check out the detailed recipe of Saffron Rice here.


Next I opened the almonds pack. I noticed that not all almonds were of the same size and shape. Some were bigger while others were smaller. Some were broken. This is an indication that these nuts are natural. The genetically modified nuts are usually bigger and almost all the same size.

I had previously read in the internet about smaller sized almonds but I never found them in super markets. California almonds, a slightly bigger variety of almonds have invaded the markets. You can see in the picture below the size difference. I was excited to taste the smaller almonds which are the native of our own country.

With the nuts, I made a popular Chennai street food called Masala Paal.


Coming to the walnuts, they were tastier than the store bought ones. Walnuts have a slight bitter taste and a buttery texture. I am yet to try out any dishes with it. However, just snacking on them is good. Walnuts are rich in anti-oxidants and is a plant source of Omega-3. Regular intake of this nut has numerous health benefits.



On the whole, I was impressed by their products. The quality of their nuts and spices are too good. These are just a sample of 3 products. Other than these there a huge variety of products like apricots, figs, cranberries, raisins, berries, tea, kashmir honey, himalayan pink salt, pickles etc. You can check these out @

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