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Assam 1860 Tea Review

 Published 2015-Mar-26   Updated 2018-Feb-20

- Submitted by Dahlia

(Assam 1860 Tea Review)

A few days back, I received an e-mail from Assam 1860 to sample their tea. They wanted me to try it and share about my experience. Out of my own interest, I agreed to give a review about the tea. This is by no means a paid review.

Assam 1860 has been growing tea in their estate for the last 150 years. The plucking and packaging is done in their family Thowra tea estate itself. Unlike most famous tea brands, their tea is unblended which means it comes from only their own garden. So their promise is to give the freshest tea experience.

I received a small pack of loose tea along with a few tea bags. Tea is an integral part of my daily routine. On a daily basis, I love my cup of tea strong and flavored with spices. Occasionally, I also enjoy black tea. I was very excited about trying this new tea brand. So here are my observations about Assam 1860.


I was very impressed by their packaging in black. It had just the name printed in green with no other unnecessary pictures. The packet has a zip loc seal to retain the freshness of the tea till the last bit. The tea bags looked very rich with mesh bags.


Tea Bags

The first day I wanted to make a cup of tea with the tea bag. I put the tea bag in a cup of hot milk with 1 tsp of sugar and let it steep for about 5 minutes. For me, the tea was very mild both in color and flavor. I prefer a stronger cup of tea. The next day, I made black tea with the same tea bags. I put 1 tsp sugar and a tea bag to a cup of hot water. The final product was just perfect. I really enjoyed and could sense the freshness of the tea. Those of you who do not like the bitter aftertaste of the tea, do not leave the tea bag in hot water for more than a minute.

Loose Tea

The next day, I brewed a cup of tea with the loose tea. I added 2 tsp of tea to one cup of milk. I let it come to a boil and then added 1 cup of milk. Finally, I added 2 tsp of sugar to suit to my taste. The resulting tea had a beautiful golden brown color. The liquor is strong and robust enough to withstand the addition of milk. The aroma of the tea was very inviting. The tea wasn’t too strong but at the same time it was able to stand up to the cup of milk added. A cup of plain tea is by itself very satisfying. Of course I also tried my favorite masala chai with it and was not disappointed too.

Assam 1860 Tea


Overall, the flavor of the tea is very delightful. It looks like a new noteworthy tea company who aim to maintain their high quality. I would certainly recommend my readers to try and experience this great tasting tea. This tea brand can be purchased online or in major supermarkets. For more details visit their website .

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