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     July 29, 2014     Simple Indian Recipes   
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 varietey dosa   


Variety Dosa

-  recipe by Elizabeth submitted on 02-01-2008
(Uthappam Varieties, Oothappam)

            Variety Dosa (Uthappam Varieties, Indian Pizza) - Uthappam is a thick pancake made with regular dosa batter topped with different vegetables and pan fried. The choice of vegetables could be onion, tomato, carrot, cilantro, idli podi, beetroot, spinach, capsicum, cabbage, cheese or mixed vegetables.
Idli/Dosa batter - as needed
carrot  - 1 (grated)
Idli chutney powder - 1 tsp
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
oil  - for making dosas/ uthappams



1. Pour and spread the dosa batter when the pan is warm .
2. Sprinkle onion to cover the dosa,spray little cooking oil so that the dosa can be flipped easily.
3.  Let it cook for 1/2 a min or so before flipping.
4. Repeat the same process with carrot topping and chutney powder topping.
5. You can try the same with chopped frozen spinach, grated beetroot, chopped tomatoes, choppes cilantro also. It is very colorful, attractive and healthy for the kids. You can make this as a simple breakfast or dinner. You could also make varieties of mini uthappams for parties.