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Homemade Red Chili Powder

 Published 2018-May-06   Updated 2018-May-07

- Submitted by Dahlia

(Milagai Thool, Mulagu Podi)

Red Chili Powder is a pantry staple in all Indian kitchens. It is a must have and is used in more than 80% of dishes that are cooked every day. The whole world knows that we Indians are fond of spicy food. This red chili powder adds the spiciness and is used along with so many other spices which gives that unique taste to Indian food.

Red Chili Powder comes in different varieties and each one has a different spice level and colour. I have described the commonly found ones in India - the long ones, round ones and the wrinkles kashmiri chilies. Other than these paprika and cayenne pepper is found in the western markets. Paprika is very mild and is made with red bell peppers. Cayenne peppers are hot and similar to our Indian chili powder.

Video Instructions for making Homemade Red Chili Powder

Recipe for Homemade Red Chili Powder

Preparation time: 2 hours
Cooking time: NIL
Makes: 1/2 kg


  • Dry Red Chilies - 1/2 kg

Note: I have seen three types of dried chilies in Indian supermarkets - the round ones, the long ones and the ones with wrinkled skin popularly known as kashmiri red chilies. Any of these chilies can be used to make the chili powder but each one has a different spice level. The kashmiri red chilies are very mild but has a vibrant red colour. These can be used for recipes that needs a bright colour without adding much heat. The round chilies are the spiciest while the long ones fall in between. I usually keep the long chilies for seasoning. I make 2 types of red chili powder, one with the round ones which is spicy and another with the kashmiri chilies to be used mainly for its colour. I usually make red chili powder with 1/2 kg of both the chili varieties and it last for about 3 months for me. 

Red Chili Powder Ingredients


  1. Take the required quantity of chilies. I have used 1/2 kg each of round chilies and kashmiri chilies.

    Red Chili Powder Steps Red Chili Powder Steps

  2. Spread them on a plastic sheet or a cotton cloth and leave it under the hot sun for couple of hours.  
  3. After couple of hours, the chilies become crispy and break off easily. Now it is ready to be powdered.
  4. If you have the time and patience, you can break off the stalks of the chilies. I just powder them with the stalks. I give it in a nearby flour mill to be powdered easily. Those who are abroad can do this in your home mixie in small batches but wear a mask to avoid sneezing.
  5. After powdering, it will be hot. Spread it in a paper and let it cool down for half an hour.

    Red Chili Powder Steps

  6. Once it comes to room temperature, you can store them in air tight containers to be used for the next whole year. You can put small pieces of asafoetida or spread some salt on top of the red chili powder to preserve for a longer period of time.

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