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Milki Masti 2020

 Published 2020-Oct-19   Updated 2020-Oct-19

School kids are packed with energy and enthusiasm. They enjoy participating in activities apart from their usual school routine. Every event is a way to educate the little learners. They learn naturally from their instincts to explore and observe.

We are excited to annonce that is conducting an educational event for school kids in association with Kidzee @ Kirathoor and St George Galaxy Eco School at Kirathoor, Kanyakumari District. Looking forward to seeing the cute performances of the little ones.


The Educational Video must comprise of 2 parts


(Making of curd, buttermilk, paneer, cheese, ghee, butter, etc. )


(Preparing any one recipe out of the dairy products)

The videos will be scrutinized based on 10 attributes. The 10 attributes include

  1. Child’s Involvemen.
  2. Happiness and personality of the child in presenting the video.
  3. Number of Dairy products extracted.
  4. Innovative Methods / Tools used in extraction of Dairy Products.
  5. Innovation in recipe.
  6. Quantity & Quality of Healthy ingredients used in recipes.
  7. Presentation of dairy products and recipes.
  8. Clear explanation of healthy benefits of milk and milk products.
  9. Audio: English style, clear pronunciation, noise free and relevant music.
  10. Video: Background, Presentation, editing, clarity, efficiently time organized, watermark.


Scrutinization will be done by and the videos obtaining more than 80 points will be featured at from 28/10/2020 onwards. Also, Rs.1,000/- each for top 2 videos of St George Galaxy Eco School and Rs.750/- each for top 2 videos from KIDZEE @ KIRATHOOR will be cash awarded.


Updates as on November, 2020

There was an overwhelming response from many energetic kids. We appreciate all the students and their parents who took active participation. All have taken lot of efforts in preparing the dishes, explaining about the milk products as well as creating videos. Infact, each student deserved to be awarded.

Seeing such enthusiastic participation, we have decided to select the top participants from each class. However, we want to repeat that all the children have performed amazingly. So please do not get discouraged if you haven't been declared the winner. Our best wishes for a bright future of all the kids.

So here is the list of winners from each grade along with their videos too. Do take a look and enjoy.

Grade 3

There are 2 winners who will be sharing the first place.

1. Phoebe Aurel Zen

Phoebe Aurel Zen shows the extraction of many milk products like homemade paneer, curd, buttermilk, cream cheese and finally she demonstrates the recipe of Mini Cheesecake.

2. Janna Jaziz J

Janna Jaziz J shows the preparation of Kulfi and Paneer at home


Grade 2

Drishya Raj R D

Drishya Raj R D, demonstrates the preparation of Homemade Butter, Ghee and Buttermilk.


Grade 1

1. Nevaeh C David

Nevaeh C David presents the preparation of Homemade Curd and Malai Cake.

2. Olivia Antoinette Sajin

Olivia Antoinette Sajin explains preparation of Homemade Curd, Buttermilk and Banana Milkshake.


Senior KG

1. Alvina Bosco S

Alvina Bosco S presents the preparation of Palkova and Paneer at home.

2. Deyolin Sharmi S M

Deyolin Sharmi S M, presents the preparation of Homemade Paneer, Milkmaid & Cheese


Junior KG

Shashini B S

Here she demonstrates the preparation of Homemade Paneer and Paneer Butter Masala



Gishiya A

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