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Removing Stickers from Stainless Steel

 Published 2018-Feb-11   Updated 2018-Feb-18

- Submitted by Dahlia

Stainless Steel utensils are the most commonly used ones in India. The next commonly used ones are aluminium vessels. It could a simple vessel, pan, plate, tumbler, bowls, lids or pressure cooker. There is not a single household that you can find without these. 

Whenever we buy new vessels, it is common to find at least one sticker with either the company name or the price. These stickers have strong adhesives and is very difficult to remove by hand. If you leave it as such, over the days it gets stained and makes the vessel look not so good. The easiest way is to remove the stickers when it is new. Here I have shared the simplest way of removing them using an open flame.

Video Instructions for Removing Stickers from Vessels

Removing Stickers using Flame

For this method you need an open flame. This could be a gas stove, candle or a simple lighter. Just follow these simple steps and peel off the stickers without a trace.

  • Hold the vessel above the flame pointing the sticker directly over it.
  • Make sure the flame touches the sticker for about 20 - 30 seconds. If it's a big sticker move the vessel so that the flame touches the entire surface of the sticker evenly. It's alright even if the sticker turns little black.
  • The strong glue would have started to melt by now. At this stage you can easily peel of the stickers using your fingers. If you feel the vessel is hot, hold it using gloves and use tongs to peel them.
  • If you still have trouble peeling, hold the vessel over the flame for another few seconds.
  • After peeling off the stickers, there will be some glue residue left behind. To get rid of this, apply few drops of coconut oil on it and spread using your fingers.
  • Using a paper towel just wipe it off. It comes out easily. Otherwise just wash off using dishwash soap and scrubber.

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