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Kulfi (Kesar kulfi)

- recipe by Rani submitted on 06-30-2008


Kulfi is a summer time favorite for many in india. With these ready made ingredients, making kulfi is very easy these days. The following recipe can be easily modified to make different kulfi varieties. The saffron strings can be skipped to give plain kulfi(malai kulfi). Half a can of mango pulp can be added to the ingredients to give mango kulfi. You can also make strawberry kulfi by adding 1 cup of crushed strawberries to the mixture. If you add scliced/ crushed pistachios or almonds you can easily make pista kulfi and badam kulfi too.
Condensed milk-1 can (14oz)
Evalporated milk-1 can (12oz)
Heavy whipping cream-1 can (16oz)
Cool whip-1 box (16oz)
Safforn strings - little ( crushed with little sugar)
Cardamon - 8 (crushed)
Pistachios,Almonds ,Cahews -1/2 cup (Crushed)

To store the kulfi
Plastic small cups(kid size) / Muffin cups
Ice cream sticks

1.Blend all the ingredients above with hand mixer
2.Place the mixed kulfi in plastic cups/muffin cups/kulfi molds and insert plastic ice cream sticks.
3.If you dont have plastic cups place it in a large bowl and cover it.
4.Freeze it for atleast 6 hours until kulfi is firm .
5.Enjoy yummy kulfi for summer.

- You can put nuts on top of kulfi and freeze.

Kulfi in muffin cups with nuts on top

Kulfi in Ice cream moulds

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Comments (12)

Person   ()
Hi.. jst wanted to know that normally khulfi is made out of fresh cow milk bt the recipe given is to used condensed and evaporated milk, will it be made then. in fact i tried your recipes and i love it lots.. anyways keep it up.
Person   ()
Yes Manjit, Traditionally khulfi is made with fresh milk. To save time and energy we use store bought evaporated and condensed milk to make khulfis. Evaporated and condensed milk are thickened cows milk and reduces the time taken to make the khulfi by more than half..
Person   ()
pls tel me how to make a kulfi in Electronic Machine. i have a machine but no good recipe.
Person   ()
Hi Ankush, I'm so sorry. I'm not able to help you because i've never used a machine. Hopefully someone might be able to help you out.
Person   ()
Hi...I found the recipe very interesting...but what is the difference between condensed and evaporated milk?
Person   ()
Both evaporated milk and condensed milk are milk with most of its water content removed. Commercially, condensed milk is sweetened whereas evaporated milk is not.
Person   ()
I am looking for a recipe for sweet murukku.
Person   ()
I haven't made it before Rajan. I will surely share if I get to know the recipe.
Person   ()
where can i get evaporated itnokay to use Fresh Cream instead?
Person   ()
yes ok.
Person   ()
What is cool whip??
Person   ()
it a non dairy whipped cream readily available... u can get whipping cream and whip it at home instead..

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