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Schezwan Sauce

- recipe by Inara submitted on 10-07-2008 

(Schezuan Sauce)

Schezwan Sauce (Schezuan Sauce)  is a delicious and spicy Indo Chinese Sauce that can be had as a dip or can be used to make noodles or fried rice.

Garlic - 100 gms. (finely chopped)
Ginger - 100 gms. (finely chopped)
Green chillies - 5 (finely chopped)
Tomato puree (or Tomato ketchup)- 2 cups
Red chilli sauce - 4 tblsp. 
Chilly powder - 2 tblsp. 
Soya sauce - 1 tblsp. 
Ajinomoto - ½ tsp. 
sugar - 1 tblsp. 
orange red color - ¼ tsp. 
celery chopped - 1 tblsp. 
salt - to taste

1. Mix all the above ingredients. 
2. Now heat the oil (around ½ cup). Add this hot oil to the above mixture and immediately add 1 tblsp. of vinegar to it. 
3. Mix this well and later store it in fridge. Serve with chicken lollypops or use it while preparing noodles or fried rice.

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Comments (18)

Person   ()
thanks for that recipe i made that recipe many time but not making right yu help and made best
Person   ()
Thats nice to hear... Good.
Person   ()
very nice same as my recipe, but i even add 1 tsp of star anise powder
Person   ()
Ok. Thanks for sharing.
Person   ()
nice i like it
Person   ()
Person   ()
Is celery alike cilantro in taste??
Person   ()
no little different...
Person   ()
can v use red chilly paste instead of chilly powder???
Person   ()
Y is celery added
Person   ()
texture . you could skip it if you wish.
Person   ()
It is a very good recipe indeed!!! I tried it at home and it turned out very fine. Thanks you loads !!!
Person   ()
Thats nice to hear.
Person   ()
what is celery
Person   ()
celery is a vegetable. The ribs and the roots are edible. You can find more information @
Person   ()
nice recipe
Person   ()
please tell me wether celery leaves are used or full branch
Person   ()
just the stem of celery very finely chopped

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Old Comments

Comment by chethana Gopal
           this really appears to be a fantastic receipe. thanks for sharing it with us. i will surely try it at the earlist. thanks once again. have a good day,
Reply :-
             Sure do try it.

Comment by shona rai
        da recipe seems awsmm! thnx alott! its ma fav8 sauce! n yeah! feels gr8 dat 1 cn make it maself nw :)
Reply :-
        Its my favorite sauce too.

Comment by sadaf naik
         can you tell me how long it is going to stay fresh in fridge.
Reply :-
         easily for 3 months.

Comment by krupali kurode
          which kind of chilly required wet or dry
Reply :-
        You can use chilly powder or soaked dry red chillies.

Comment by Diana Abhi
          Ur blog is wonderful
Reply :-
         Thank You.

Comment by Noman Ahmed
         How it will be with out fry
Reply :-
       Trust us it tastes awesome.

Comment by Roynal lopes
         can i add cabbge in suace
Reply :-
         Hi Roynal, Why do you need cabbage?? I don't think you can store the sauce with cabbage in it for months .

Comment by Nitin G
         Hi, Can you please mention any substitute for celery
Reply :-
         Just skip the celery.

Comment by Shikha Aggarwal
         Is there any substitute to garlic for this recipie?
Reply :-
        Garlic and Ginger are the main ingredients. So unfortunately there are no substitutes.

Comment by Hemangi Sawant
         Tomato puree should be made by boiled tomato or we can make it in mixture......
Reply :-
         Yes, its boiled and peeled tomato puree. You can also use tomato ketchup instead. Tomato ketchup tastes awesome too.

Comment by Farooq Shaikh
         What is celery,pls clearify
Reply :-
        Celery refers to the edible stalks of a plant. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Comment by ashi raies
         waaoo.... i havnt tried yet but it seems yummy.. n evn the comments make me more dying hard to try this once :) thanku inara
Reply :-
        Do try it. Its a very tasty sauce.

Comment by mohsinali ali
         the best sause i at it thank you for your delious receipy
Reply :-
         Thanks. Enjoy!!

Comment by Kanchan Khetrapal

         I tried it and it was amazing!!! Thank you! Now i don't need to beg the Chinese restaurants for extra sauce to take home! :D
Reply :-
        Thanks. Enjoy!!

Comment by Kanchan Khetrpala
          can i skip the color?
Reply :-
          Yes you can.

Comment by snehashish govilkar
         hiiii i am snehashish and a very good receipe and sauce becomes excellent thanx to u
Reply :-

Comment by aqsa s
          if celery is skipped how will be the tast also can i skipped chilly sause and i can put any other sause.
plz let me know
Reply :-
          u can skip the celery. soak some dry red chillies and make a paste. use this instead of chilly sauce.

Comment by lubna s
           need to graind mention ingredns or choped and after oil is hot should we put this mixture in it or hot old (means no need to fry this mixture. really confusing recipy.
Reply :-
        no need to fry the mixture. just pour the hot oil over it.

Comment by nimisha kale
         hello..pls tell me if the tomato puree used in the recipe is same as tomato ketchup from store brought bottles,or we have to use fresh tomato pulp in the recipe,i am confused...
pls do answer.
Reply :-
          Tomato ketchup is fine for the sauce.

Comment by shreyas devadas
         hello...i had a query,in the ingredient part,it is given as tomato puree 2 store brought tomato ketchup same as tomato puree?or we have to puree fresh tomato and use its pulp as tomato puree in this recipe.
Reply :-
          You can use either tomato ketchup or tomato puree.

Comment by dr.chital naresh
         can we skip ajinomoto from the receipe
Reply :-
          Yes you can.

Comment by nimisha kale on 19 October 2009 09:24AM
         hi,can u pls tell me if we can use lemon juice insteed of vinegar and skeep out celery in this sauce.pls do reply.
Reply :-
          yes, you can replace vinegar with lemon juice
         Also, celery can be skipped

Comment by  nikkita narayanan on 05 April 2009 14:42PM
          hi, thanks a lot. 
Reply :-
          U  r welcome!!

Comment by Shalini on 17 January 2009 19:33PM
          hi, can u pls tell me which oil to use,cos i want this sauce desperately,n thanx a lot for this recipe.
Reply :-
          Hi Shalini, I use Vegetable Oil. Do try the sauce and let me know how it came.

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