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Corn Halwa

- recipe by Apoorva submitted on 09-25-2012

(Corn Dessert, Golden Delight)

The aromatic golden colour adds beauty to this sweet dish and a healthy, different variety from regular halwas.
1 cup semi crushed corn kernels
1 cup milk
1 cup pure ghee
1 cup khoya
1 tsp semolina
½ cup sugar (adjust according to your choice )
Few strands of kesar (saffron) dissolved in lukewarm milk
Elaichi (Cardamom) powder/jaifal powder 
1. Heat ghee in a thick bottom pan and add the crushed corn and sauté for 5-10 minutes. 
2. Then add semolina and keep stirring till it  changes the colour and stops sticking to the  kadhai. 
3. Add milk and keep on stirring,add khoya and mix well,  cook  the same till it leaves the sides of the vessel.  
4. Add sugar and mix well, when it thickens, add  kesar and elaichi powder. 
5. Remove from the kadhai and garnish with chopped pistachio, badam and charoli
Your golden delight is ready to serve.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30-45 minutes
Serves: 4-5
Shelf life : best when fresh, 2-3 days in fridge

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Person apoorva   (September 26, 2012)
Hi Dahlia

thank you so mcuh

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