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Indian-style Pasta

- Submitted by Dahlia on 23rd Oct 2007

(Indian Vegetarian Pasta, Indian Flavored Pasta, Desi Masala Pasta, Spicy Pasta, Pasta cooked with Indian spices)

I have got so many requests to share a pasta recipe with Indian spices. Pasta, as we all know originated in Italy. It has been found in Indian super markets for more than a decade now. During my college days, my brother and I used to just boil the pasta and mix it up with left over chicken curry. With a little additional salt and chili powder, it used to taste fantastic. So I was confident that pasta blends very well with Indian spices.

I prefer making this Masala Pasta at home because I feel the pasta dishes served in restaurants with tomato sauce are too bland for my taste buds. Whenever I go to restaurants, I like to order Pasta with white sauce instead. This recipe of Indian style pasta is made with the basic Indian masala – onion tomato masala. You can jazz it up by adding vegetables or meat of your choice. Kids sometimes love plain pasta, so this is perfect. So try out the spicy masala pasta and enjoy.

Indian Style Vegetarian Pasta


  • Pasta - 1 cup
  • Water - 4 cups
  • Onions - ¼ cup (Finely chopped)
  • Tomatoes- ¼ cup (finely chopped)
  • Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tsp
  • Green chilly- 1 (finely chopped)
  • Chilly powder/ hot sauce - 1 tsp
  • Garam masala - ¼ tsp
  • All purpose flour (Maida) - 1 tsp
  • Milk - 3 tbsp
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2 tbsp
  • Salt- to taste
  • Coriander leaves- for garnishing


  1. In a deep pan heat water and bring it to a boil. Add salt and few drops of oil
  2. Add the pasta to this and let cook for 6- 8 minutes, until it is cooked al dente (soft but firm). Each shape of pasta cooks differently. Do check the package for cooking instructions. Be very careful, not to overcook.
  3. Drain the water and keep it aside. I usually like to reserve 1/4 cup of the cooking water just in case I need to thin the sauce.
  4. In a pan heat the oil. Saute the onions and green chilly till golden brown.
  5. Next add the ginger garlic paste and cook for half a minute.
  6. Next add the tomatoes and saute the mixture till the tomatoes mash up.
  7. Now add the flour and saute for a minute. This is just to give a thickness to the sauce and help it coat the pasta nicely.
  8. Add the milk, chilly powder/chilly sauce, salt and garam masala. If you do not prefer adding milk, substitute with the drained cooking water instead.
  9. Mix well and check for seasoning. It should be little on the saltier and spicier side so that when we mix the pasta it is perfect. You can make this sauce ahead of time and mix in the pasta when you are ready to serve.
  10. Finally add the pasta and toss well. Switch off when all the pasta is coated with the masala and it is heated through.
  11. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Serving Suggestion

  • You can serve this pasta as a side dish with some fried chicken, baked chicken or baked fish.
  • You can also enjoy it as a light meal.


  • You can add some vegetables or chicken pieces or shrimp when making the masala. It makes a complete meal.

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Comments (1 - 30 of 129)

Person Jayalakshmi   (March 22, 2016)
Hi.i am Anushaa. I am Anushaa Chandran and I am from Singapore. Thank you for the recipe.It turned out to be really useful
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (March 23, 2016)
Thats nice to hear Anushaa... Try out other recipes too..
Person Alderin   (February 17, 2016)
I'm from Kenya and this is yummy and beautiful. I tried it today and I'm enjoying my meal. thank you a lot.
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (February 18, 2016)
Thats so nice to hear. Enjoy!!
Person Shobha Harish Santani   (February 12, 2016) simple and easy recipe
.. i will surely try it..
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (February 17, 2016)
Please do try it and give your comments.
Person Ruquiyah   (January 31, 2016)
You can even add mayo to it! But a good recipe i say..☺
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (January 31, 2016)
Thank you.
Person Jack Harley   (February 13, 2016)
You can"t do anything non sense . You know the meaning of mayo .
Person Saisamkalpa   (December 31, 2015)
HI there,
Umm two things first of all there need to be the quantities for the amount of pasta and then the garlic paste needs to be put with the onions, not after so the rawness is gone.
Otherwise it is good
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (January 3, 2016)
Thanks for trying and leaving your comments
Person Padma   (November 20, 2015)
Liked thhe way of cooking in desi style .sooper
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (November 22, 2015)
Thank you.
Person naresh   (November 16, 2015)
Verry nice
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (November 16, 2015)
Thank you.
Person faizan   (November 10, 2015)
Awesome man I am a food lover. I never cooked pasta in my life before thanx for this delicious cum time saving recipe.
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (November 12, 2015)
Thank you . I am glad you liked it.
Person nalin kashyap   (October 11, 2015)
Thanks 4 such a simple but delicious paasta recipe....
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (October 12, 2015)
Thank you. Enjoy!!
Person Bushra   (July 21, 2015)
Thanks! It make me easy to make pasta. . First time...
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (July 23, 2015)
Thats good... Try out more new dishes..
Person anandhi   (June 26, 2015)
Shall I dilute the maida or directly we can use?
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (July 3, 2015)
Add it as such in powder form..
Person Shreyansh   (May 16, 2015)
Made myself Yummy Pasta, Thanks for sharing!
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (June 6, 2015)
Person pinal asmani   (April 23, 2015)
It is very graceful & yummy too
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (April 28, 2015)
Thank you so much.
Person tulika gupta   (April 21, 2015)
nice one ........... i will
Person Dahlia (S.I.R. Author)   (April 28, 2015)
Thank you.
Person PARVATHI   (April 17, 2015)
nice dish........really tasty...nd thnk u....

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Old Comments

Comment by kuldeep dhillon
              it is good i like it.
Reply :-
            Thank You.

Comment by Tukai Bhattacharya
       Thank U madam . It was my first experience of cooking pasta and yours recipe helps me a lot. Wish U a happy life.
Reply :-
       Thank You Tukai. Do try many more recipes.

Comment by uma maheswari
          its really gud i like it
Reply :-
        Thank You.

Comment by faizan mohd
Reply :-
          Thank You.

Comment by Savitha Sivaram
Hi Dahlia,
Your site is truly great.
Tried this recipe at home and everybody simply enjoyed it.
Thanks a lot. Wish if I can contribute some recipes of mine.
Savitha Sivaram
Reply :-
        Thank You Savitha.
        You are most welcome to contribute your recipes. Please send me your recipes with its picture (if available) to my mail id I'll upload it immediately.

Comment by Sumit Mathews
         I loved the recipe..It tasted awesome..Thanks for sharing :)
Reply :-
         Glad that you liked it.

Comment by prem narayan
         I had been looking for this simple recipe for a long time. Thank you.
Reply :-
        U r welcome!! Do try and give your comments.

Comment by anjali gupta
        fast 2 cook n good 2 try this.seive 2 spoons of tamarind juice, 2 spoons of lemon juice,half spoon of sugar,small peices of apple, some pomegranate .leave for10 min. toss with pasta n relish.
Reply :-
        Sounds simple!! Will try sometime..

Comment by gurneet kaur
         if i just add onion,tomato,salt and garam masala . then the macroni will taste well or not.....
Reply :-
         Do try it Gurneet. Taste is something very personal. I like things hot and spicy but it may not be the case with someone else.

Comment by Namagiri Sridhar
         Is there a healthy substitute for maida in this recipe?
Reply :-
        Hi Namagiri, If you are very health consious you can skip the maida. The maida helps the sauce to nicely stick to the pasta.

Comment by shanaz naaz
Reply :-
       Thank you.

Comment by prajitha gopakumar
        simply wow!
Reply :-
        Thank You.

Comment by Vaishali Mane
        I made this pasta yesterday and it turned out great. I received lots of compliments for it. 

As suggested by Udaya I added pepper and lime and it was wonderful
Reply :-
      Good good.

Comment by Rohit Thawale
         Hey this is amezing recipe i try & I like it THANX
Reply :-

Comment by S James Shaji
Hello Dahlia,
Thanks for the recipe "Indian-style Pasta" !!!, had it not been there I would have to gone sleep with omlette and bread.

Simple to make and tasted good. Just had one doubt why is there a need to add all purpose flour?

I am too from Kanyakumari, how come you have suggested for 1 teaspoon of chilly. I added only 1/3 tea spoon chilly and I can sense it to be little too much for me :). As far I know people from Kanyakumari take more of pepper than chilly.
Thanks and keep it going!!!
S James Shaji
Reply :-  
      Hi James, The maida (all purpose flour) gives a nice saucy texture which coats well arouns each pasta.
      About the chilly powder, its purely personal taste. Add as much as you are comfortable with. Even I use lot of pepper in my cooking. I love the pepper taste.

Comment by swapna amanana
          it tasted good i have tried it.i have added grated coconut extra.
Reply :-
         Good good. Thanks for the tip.

Comment by shiwani sherma
         recipe of pizza
Reply :-
         Here's the recipe for pizza

          HI DAHILA

Reply :-
         Glad to hear that Uma.

Comment by Beryl Beryl
         Hi Dahlia,

          I tried the Indian Style Pasta yesterday and it came out very well. Nice recipe. Thanks for posting.
Reply :-
        Thanks for trying and posting your comments.

Comment by sharanya nandakishore
           lovely recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just tried it ws delicous
Reply :-
          Thanks for trying and leaving your comments sharanya.

Comment by aisha malik
           very delicous and yummy dish
Reply :-
          Thank You Aisha

Comment by bunty bhai
         all yourIngredients+ i added some vegetables like fhoolgobi,simlamirchi,gaajar and beans.all veg finger type was super
Reply :-
          More healthy and more tasty!!!!!!

indian style pasta
                           - by Udaya on Wed 3/19/08 10:25 AM 

           Hi dahlia, i tried this im my hostel.(Now we have a kitchen). It was good. In the end i added pepper and lime. That added more tatse. try it out next time. bye...
Reply :-
          Good to hear that.Will definetely try adding lime and pepper next time.

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