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Pineapple Jam

- submitted by Dahlia on 09-17-2009
(Jam for Biriyani, Pineapple Chutney)

           Jams are fruit preserves made with any fruit puree or fruit pieces. Home made jams usually contain only the fruit puree and sugar unlike the commercial ones which has other preserving ingredients.
           Commonly Jams are used as a spread on breads or any indian rotis. In Kanyakumari district, jam is also served as a side for spicy chicken biriyani. Although any type of jam can be used as a side, pineapple jam is the most common one. Here is the recipe for the yummy pineapple jam.
Pineapple - 1 (cut into chunks)
Sugar - 2 cups (or as needed)
Lemon Juice - 1 tblsp
Optional Ingredients
Ghee - 2 tblsp
Cashews - handful
Yellow food colour - a pinch
Cardomom powder - a pinch
1. Puree the pineapple chunks in a mixie or blender. You can also use a can of crushed pineapple instead.
2. Take the pureed pineapple in a kadai and let it cook for about 15 minutes on medium low flame.
3. Add the sugar, yellow food colour and cardomom powder and cook till a jam like consitency is reached (another 20-25 minutes).
4. To make it extra rich, roast some cashews in some ghee and add it to the jam.
5. Serve it with bread, chappatti or biriyani.
     - You can add 1 cup of water along with the pineapple puree if you want the jam little more thinner.

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Comments (2)

Person   ()
how long can we store this please?
Person   ()
We do not add any preservative. It stays good for upto 2 weeks in refrigerator.

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