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Kids Dosa

 Published 2012-Oct-16   Updated 2017-Nov-20

- Submitted by Dahlia

(Variety Dosas for Children, Dosa Decoration Ideas for Kids)

Kids love to eat food in different shapes and colours. It is often the biggest challenge for moms to get their toddlers and kids to eat. The best trick is to make the food colourful and in fun shapes. You can also get the kids involved in the cooking. This will make them more interested in trying the food. Here are some ideas to make eating dosa fun for kids. You could also use your own imagination and creativity.

Some Fun Dosa Ideas For Kids

1. Try dosas in fun character shapes like mickey mouse, kitty cat, smiley face etc..

2. You could make colourful dosas by mixing chutney or vegetable puree with the dosa batter

Some options for mixing are tomato chutney, mint chutney, carrot puree, beetroot puree, spinach puree etc.

Spinach Dosa

3. Make dosas with different toppings

Use toppings like carrot, beetroot, corn, egg or cheese.Fold it into a triangle and serve as a mini dosa sandwich.

Egg Dosa

Variety Dosa

4. Make mini dosas

Kids always enjoy bite size or small sized food.

Dill Leaves Dosa

5. Another idea shared by our friend Raji is to make alphabet shaped dosas.

These are some basic ideas. Keep trying your own ideas. Spend some time to prepare the food in a way that they enjoy. You will surely see empty plates. :-)

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Comments (7)

Person   ()
Nice recipes..i wnt same agg recipes
Person   ()
Here are some recipes with egg.
Person   ()
nice recipies but i wan,t mashroom dishes
Person   ()
Here are some mushroom dishes
Person   ()
first one and the second are really cute
Person   ()
Thanks Raji. These all I usually make for my daughter. She enjoys them.
Person   ()
Hi Dahlia

Nice ones. Kiddies will really enjoy

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