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Tricoloured Recipe Ideas

 Published 2012-Aug-14   Updated 2014-Jan-21

- Submitted by Dahlia

Tri-colour Rice

You can make three varieties of rice and serve it as a tri-coloured rice.

Tri-colour Halwa

Similarly, you can make three types of halwa in 3 different colours and layer it in a serving dish like our tri-coloured flag.

Tri-colour Chapatis / Puris

For making tri-coloured chappattis or puris, you need to make the dough in 3 colours. For the orange dough, add carrot or beetroot puree to the dough. For the white dough, make a normal chapati / puri dough. For the green dough, add some spinach puree while making the dough. After making three different doughs, you can make chapatis or puris is 3 different colours. You can also make tri-colured roti. For this, take a small ball of all three dough, press them together and roll it out. You will get a beautiful tri-coloured roti.

Tri-colour Idlis

You can make idlis in 3 colours by mixing some chutney with the idli batter.

Involving the kids

You can involve the kids to have some entertainment by asking them to colour the egg's hard shell with tri-colour. Here are my daughter's tri-colour eggs,

Indian Tri Color Egg

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tri colour idlis, lovely ideas

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