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Mango Yogurt Smoothie (Lassi)

 Published 2008-Mar-16   Updated 2017-Oct-04

- Submitted by Dahlia

(Mango Lassi, Aam Ki Smoothie)

On a recent visit to Bangalore to meet my friend, I got a chance to visit the phoenix mall there. It’s huge and a kind of one stop –shopping destination. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends and is a great place for retail therapy. After some crazy shopping I and she wanted to binge on something. My friend is a huge fan of “Starbucks coffee” and she definitely wanted to go to their openly outlet in the mall. She ordered her usual frappe and I was still clueless on my order. The cute guy at the counter suggested me to try their smoothies. I had never heard about smoothies except that I have read in some blogs and magazines. I quickly asked what it is made of, to which he said it is made from the fruit pulp and yogurt. My mind kind of did not like the combination and I refused and opted for a Choc√≥ cold mocha. Many days later, I went to my husband’s office get together and I was served the welcome drink. I fell in love with it in my first sip. It was chill, sweet, a mild dosage of tanginess and very refreshing. It was so wholesome and filling that I did not even touch my favorite chaat items. Well!! No points to guess… It was indeed the mango smoothie.

A smoothie is a thick beverage similar to a milk shake except that the milk shake has less fruit and more of milk or ice cream. Smoothie is a healthy drink, though the health depends on the nutrients added. Many smoothies include large quantities of fruit and vegetables which are recommended in a healthy diet, while some smoothies are loaded with large amounts of sweeteners or sugar which is not very healthy. Smoothies, especially the green smoothies are gaining immense popularity among the fitness enthusiasts and weight watchers.

With the onset of this summer, I too wanted to try the mango smoothie at my kitchen and it was just as wonderful as I had expected. I have added yogurt for the creaminess. It is very similar to the North Indian Mango Lassi, except that this smoothie is thicker. If you prefer a thinner lassi like consistency, add some water, sugar and some cardamom while blending. Go ahead and make this tasty drink for your loved ones.

Recipe for Mango Yogurt Smoothie

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: NIL
Serves: 1


  • Mango - 2 (diced, about 1 cup)
  • Banana - 1 (optional)
  • Yogurt - 1/2 cup
  • Ice cubes - 1/4 cup

Mango Smoothie


  1. Take all of the above ingredients in a mixie or blender.

    Mango Smoothie Preperation Steps

  2. Blend for couple of minutes till everything is a smooth puree.

    Mango Smoothie Preperation Steps

  3. Pour into tall glasses and enjoy. You may also serve them in bowls. Garnish with sprigs of mint leaves or mango pieces.


  • It is important that the yogurt used has to be fresh. Kindly refrain from using the yogurt that is set more than a day ago.
  • The mango chosen has to be pulpier than the fibrous varieties. Alphonso and bainganpalli are the best recommended.
  • Add little sugar if you need additional sweetness and little milk to get a thinner consistency.
  • Add a cup of orange juice to get an additional citrus flavor.
  • Add a piece of washed, peeled and grated ginger while blending. Ginger will enhance the flavor and will also aid in digestion.

Mango Smoothie

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Comments (5)

Person   ()
I tried this recipe and it was superb. It was very tasty. My in laws and hubby loved a lot. Thanks. keep posting such simple and small recipes.
Person   ()
thanks priya.. do continue to experiment with new recipes.
Person   ()
hi, tried this very nice. have sent same recipe with little variation.
Person   ()

this is lovely. now the mango season has started, will be a nice drink.
Person   ()
Yes. Cool and refreshing.

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