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- recipe by Rani submitted on 02-20-2008

  • All purpose flour- 2 cups
  • Eggs - 2
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Sugar -1/2 cup
  • Milk -1 cup
    1. Beat the eggs and mix milk, salt,sugar,baking powder.
    2. Now add this to the flour and mix until there is no lumps and the batter is not too watery or too thick.
    3. Now heat a nonstick pan in a medium flame and when its hot pour a spoonful of batter in the center of the pan.
    4. Add 2-3 drops of oil over the pancake.
    5. Now sprinkle grated coconut or nuts over the pancake
    6. Once it turns slightly brown, flip and brown the other side too. Serve hot.

    Serving Suggestion

    •     Pour Maple syrup generously over the pancake and serve. You can also top it with honey or apply whipped cream over it.
    •     If you want add fruits over the pancake to make it more delicious.
    •     Another options is to top the pancakes with butter and have.



    1. You can also make chocolate pancake by adding 3 tbsp of cocoa powder to the batter and mixing well.
    2. If its a plain pancake you can also top with chocolate chips over it
    3. If the pancake is not puffy add more of baking powder.
    4. If the batter is more thick add extra milk.

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Comments (22)

Person   ()
very useful recipes that i can make at home. really AWESOME.
Person   ()
Thank You.
Person   ()
Look very tasty meals' for kids &adults
Person   ()
Yes. Enjoy!
Person   ()
Hi I want to make gluten-free so which flour to use
Person   ()
I will share the exact gluten free pancake recipe sometimes later. It is usually made with a mix of rice flour, cornmeal and some starch like potato starch or tapioca starch. For now just google and try some good recipe. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Person   ()
When is the milk used in this recipe? It is not mentioned.
Person   ()
Please add it after you beat the eggs.
Person   ()
shall I use wheat flour instead if all purpose flour
Person   ()
Wheat flour will make the pancakes denser. Pancakes are supposed to be spongy and soft which you can get with all purpose flour only. If you are looking for healthier options, try substituting half of the flour with wheat flour.
Person   ()
It's yummy
Person   ()
Person   ()
all purposes of flour means which grains flour
Person   ()
Person   ()
thank you for the recipe.. my family loved it..
Person   ()
Person   ()
simple tips to get fat soon....?
Person   ()
I have no idea...
Person   ()
wen to add milk in it???
Person   ()
Add the milk after beating the eggs.
Person   ()
I like pan cakes, but at home we don't use eggs. Is there any alternative for eggs.
Person   ()
Hi Sivaram, just skip the eggs.

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