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Dhoodh Peda (Pal Khova)

(Pheda, Pera, Dhoodh Peda or Pal Khoa)

- recipe by Rani submitted on 01-16-2009

Khoya - 2 cups
Sliced nuts (Almonds, Pistacios) / Coloured sugar / Raisins - for topping

1. Make the khoyas using any of the methods specified here.
2. After the khoya has cooled down, use cookie cutters to shape the pedas. Another way is to shape with your palms. Take a small portion of the khoya and shape it into a smooth ball, then flatten it into the peda shape.
3. Press some sliced pistachios/almonds/cashews/raisins on top or sprinkle some coloured sugar.

     - You can make different flavours of peda by adding different flavouring ingredients while making the khoya like kesar peda (add few saffron strands), coconut peda (add coconut powder), badam peda (add almond powder), kaju peda (add cashew powder) etc.
     -  If you use jaggery to sweeten the khoya instead of sugar, then that dessert is called Theratti Paal.

     - Use different cookie cutters to make different shapes of pedas for each occasions. 



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