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Biryani (Biriyani) and Pulav (Pulao) Recipes

Biryani or Biriyani is derived from a Parsi word Birian which means fried. Biryani is also considered as a royal dish that always found its place in the royal kitchens. It is a special dish enjoyed by most of the great kings and rulers. Biryani has basmati rice as the star ingredient and is loaded with different flavorful spices. It is usually accompanied with a cool raita.

There are many variations of biryani depending on the ingredients as well as the region. Some of the types are Chicken biryani, Mutton biryani, Prawns biryani, Quail biryani, Turkey biryani, Duck biryani, Beef biryani, Vegetable biryani, Daal (Lentil biryani), Fish biryani, Mushroom biryani, Soya biryani and Egg biryani.

Some of the regional biryani variations include Hyderabadi biryani, Thalassery biryani, Mughlai biryani, Bombay biryani, Culcutta biryani, Sindhi biryani, Lucknowi biryani, Vaniyambadi biryani, Bhatkali biryani, Ambur biryani, Arcot biryani, Dindigul biryani, Memoni biryani, Karachi biryani, Sri Lankan Buryani, Thai biryani, British biryani, Burmese biryani, Mauritian biryani etc..

Pilaf (pilav,pulao, polu, pulav) is a much lighter dish in which rice is cooked with very few spices with/without some broth, meat or vegetables.

Here is a list of biryani and pulao recipes that are simplified for you to try at home.

Biryani Varieties

Chicken Biryani Mushroom Soya Biryani Mushroom Soya Biryani Kaadai / Quail Biryani Shrimp (prawns) Biryani
Corn Biryani Cooked Meat Biryani Semiya Biryani Khuska Biryani
Kappa Biryani Cracked Wheat Biryani Vegetable Biryani Egg Biryani
Chana Biryani CKP Chicken Biryani CKP Prawns Biryani Hyderabadi Biryani
Fish Biryani Turkey Biryani Turkey Biryani

Pulao Varieties

Peas Rice Zafrani Pulav Egg Pulav Jeera Pulav
Kashmiri Pulav Asparagus Pulao Chicken Fried Rice Turkey Fried Rice
Dill Pulao Mixed Vegetable Pulao Mixed Vegetable Pulao Broccoli Pilaf Broccoli Pulao

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